Long time no see, players and fans of Dreadnought!

Apologies if I seem frazzled, but there is just A TON going on at both studios lately, the teams have been back and forth across the Atlantic three times this month alone! The reason for all the travel is that we are working on some huge overhauls of Dreadnought, identifying and improving those key areas you guys have been telling us needs work. Let's break that down a bit.

When we released Dreadnought into Closed Beta we had a ton of questions. Is the leveling process fun? How quickly are people going to chew through ranks? What cosmetics do players like and dislike? The early stages of Closed Beta were meant to get your answers to all that - to hear what you had to say about the game, and to see what new cool ideas you all came up with, too. What we didn't anticipate was the overwhelming amount of feedback we would receive. You guys really blew the lid off! So now we're going back and taking a hard look at some of the fundamentals.

Now, don't worry. The Dreadnought you know and love isn't going anywhere. We're not sneaking in a bunch of "pay 2 win" garbage or turning the game into a dating sim or anything. Player feedback has proven to us that, while the core game play in Dreadnought is strong, we need more things surrounding that! More everything.You guys want more ships, more options for ranking up, more distinct ability tech, more quality balance in matches. In essence, you guys are asking for more Dreadnought and we have specced out some seriously awesome ways to give you more.

What this is going to take, however, is time. This is a huge endeavor as we roll out "2.0" for some of our systems. Because of that you may have noticed game updates are trickling in a bit slower than you would like. We're working to continue to roll out awesome updates to everyone and still build a better Dreadnought. Next week's patch is our first step toward that.

"But what is this update, Frank? What are you devs planning over there?" Well, we're still working out some kinks, design-wise, and goals like retooling the entire rank-up process aren't done in a day. Remember all the travel I mentioned earlier? We're going to have a bunch of the YAGER team in Houston in July, and are going to talk about everything we have planned for this "2.0" update that week.

On July 13th, look forward to a special Livestream panel where we share with you guys our awesome updates for the future of Dreadnought. We'll be talking about the game as it stands now, what feedback we got (and really took to heart), and what we're improving. We'll also be answering your questions about this update, and will continue that dialogue over the following weeks as we have more to share about the game.

Frank "Kellion" Lucero

Sr. Producer | Dreadnought Team