Hello again, players!

Man, it feels good to say that and be addressing more people playing Dreadnought than we ever have had before. The amount of players in-game is staggering, and our closed beta has finally begun! Feedback is rolling in en masse, bugs are being reported by the dozens and our servers have been spinning around the clock to ensure Dreadnought is available 24/7. I want to thank the entire development team for enduring long work hours and time away from home to get this massive ship into orbit, and I'd like to thank you, the players, for the patience and passion you show towards our fancy spaceship game.

Now the fun starts!

And the opening weeks of closed beta have been fun indeed. Nobody ever said launching a multiplayer game was easy, and it's been a helluva ride. The first week, our servers were buckling under the combined weight of the thousands of new players entering the game, making us restart the service every few hours. It was as much a pain in the ass for us to monitor as it was for you guys to play...or not play, I guess.

To give you some insight into the problem, our battle servers that put you and nine others into a game weren't going away after you finished blowing each other up—which, over time, bogged down our larger game servers. It's an issue that we wouldn't have been able to identify if it weren't for the massive amount of players in the game—so thank you for helping us fix it!

As I type this now, the servers are humming stable. It was a bit of a rocky start, but the worst appears to be behind us and we've had no major server trouble for a few weeks. We are learning A LOT about how everybody plays Dreadnought, like what ship class is most popular, how fast players rank up, how many average kills a Corvette gets—all of it. This is hugely beneficial at this early stage of beta because it helps us determine what to address as we plan and roll out more improvements to the game. We plan to be in closed beta for a few months and gather as much feedback and data from you as possible with the goal of making Dreadnought better.

I'm actually in Berlin now meeting with our the design team to look at the future of what Dreadnought has for everyone. Here is a small taste of a few things we have planned for future updates: custom chat channels, more maps, better matchmaking experiences, more informative onboarding, and additional hero ships.

If you haven't gotten into the closed beta yet, don't worry! We will be rolling out invites in waves, so keep refreshing those emails. You can also snag a beta code by watching livestreams, participating in giveaway contests or picking up a Founder's Pack!

See you in-game!

Frank "Kellion" Lucero
Sr. Producer | Dreadnought Team