Custom Matches on PC (Coming to PS4 next release)

We are introducing Custom Matches to PC Dreadnought for the first time. Players will have the ability to start matches with custom parameters such as game mode, map, teams, and players the host has selected. 

  • Invites to Custom Match lobbies are based on your friends list. Once invited to the Custom Match lobby, your friends can also invite their friends.

  • Squads are not part of Custom Matches at this time. 

    • You will exit your current squad when you join a custom match

  • If you invite someone who is currently in a squad the invite is only for them and not their squadmates.

  • There are no match rewards for Custom Matches at this time. 

    • We may change this in the future but it would be at a lower reward level similar to Proving Grounds. 

Known Issues - Custom Matches:

  • Currently you can start a custom match with just yourself (1v0). 

    • This can be a strange experience in some modes.

  • Adding bots will  fill the custom match to 8 v 8..

    • We will update the custom match system for custom match sizes in the future.

  • When you make a custom match while in a squad it will add your squadmates to the match but won’t pull them directly into the lobby.

    • These players are already in the match and they will see the custom match chat tab in the hangar.

    • They can select Play - Select a Tier - Custom Game to enter the lobby.

PS4 Social Screen:

  • Fixed a bug that could prevent your Friends List from updating consistently if you had more than 75 friends  in your Friends List.

    • A big Thank You to all the players who friended Ray Dog so he could reproduce the issue.

Ship Modules

  • Added Heavy Mortars Tier 4. These are purchasable on T4 Dreadnoughts


  • Increased Bomber move speed and  damage to give them more of an impact.

    • Bomber speeds have been adjusted

      • Cruise Target Speed: from 1250 to 2500

      • Top Target Speed: From 1750 to 3000

    • Bomber Damage Values

      • T4 Damage : 450

      • T5 Damage : 500

Match Scoring

  • Added Scoring for destroying  deployables like pods and fighters. This is to incentivize targeting pods and fighters. 

    • Look for the scoring event called "DEBRIS".


  • Added a second tier forced match start with bots. This will allow a shorter force start for one count of real players and a second if it is taking too long to start a match with a lower count of players.

  • Please Note: Matchmaking is a balance of trying to get players into the game quickly, trying to get them to play together, and trying to minimize several small matches of players happening at the same time instead of more players playing together.

  • This is another step in trying to improve matchmaking. It should allow more flexibility for higher peak and lower peak times. There can still be issues if you are on at a low peak time or if you queue right after 10 people just started a legendary match. Since matches can run 20-25 minutes and players can queue for specific match types it still may take a while to start a legendary match.

  • Your best bets to finding other players for Legendary queues are to add players to your friends list and to check Discord.

  • The current numbers for the legendary matchmaking checkpoints are 8 players minimum at 3 minutes and 4 players minimum at 10 minutes.

    • Veteran matches should always fire off around the 5 minute mark at the latest.

    • Recruit matches should start within 3 minutes. 

    • Proving Grounds matches at all 3 levels will always start in less than 2 minutes.


  • The Ceres Awakens Event has ended. It will return next year in late spring or early summer


  • The Phoenix has risen again

    • The hero ship and outfit bundles are available for a limited time 

Known Issues: PC Chat

  • The alert animation in the hangar that highlights the minimized chat bubble will push it off the screen when you get a message

    • You can get the chat window back by going into a Custom Match lobby and then going back to the hangar.

    • This issue does not affect the chat window if it is open

    • We will hotfix this sooner rather than later