X-A5 Combat

Balance changes

Drain Drones

- Reduced health pool to make them easier to take out if you notice them. from 2500 to 1500

Bug fixes

Rupture Debuff

- Rupture now triggers debuffs before doing damage.

Status Effects

- Added shield hit to all status effect triggers so that they will still apply even when hitting shields.

Missile proximity

- All missiles should now have a slight proximity detonation to help with missiles spinning around the targeted ship.


- Slight performance optimization. This is only an initial pass to reduce the gpu strain in the hangar. There is still a lot left to do here. Players who are having trouble in the hangar should see some improvement for now.

Hangar Troubleshooting

- Here are some additional steps to help clear up any problems you may still experience:

     - From the hangar select Options then select Graphics

     - Use the slider on the right to scroll down to Advanced Settings.

     - Make sure that VSync is set to On.

- You can also test your performance on low, medium, and high to see how that helps.

     - This can be done using Graphics Preset or you can go to individual settings below.

You can also control your Graphics settings while in a match as well if you find that the game maps run better for you than the hangar.. We are not done addressing the gpu issues in the hangar but we want players to know how they can optimize their play experience while we continue to make additional adjustments on our end.

Bots: RayDog

- Fixed this bot clone’s appearance.

Combat Training Manual

- There is a new Sinley Bay Combat Training Manual that can be viewed or downloaded from the Greybox website.

Market Update

- New Sinley Bay Combat Training bundle available