Bug fixes:
- Engine Audio corruption - Turned off engine audio to prevent this issue.  We will continue to look into solutions, currently it's better to have no engine sounds than having to listen to the corrupted audio.
- Tech Tree - When researching and claiming ships, correct icon is displayed instead of white square.
- Quickplay - When using quickplay, now displays the correct game mode you are queued for instead of Any.
- Quickplay - Now sets quickplay to proving grounds correctly instead of defaulting to TDM when you play a proving grounds match.
- PS4 - Ship detail page now opens with correct tab highlighted and L1/R1 navigates as it should.
- PS4 - Gamma slider image in settings now displays.
- PS4 - Late join and rejoin now shows ship selection UI correctly.
- PS4 - Main Menu - Navigating up past top and down past bottom no longer selects inactive UI elements before wrapping to active ones.
- PS4 - Havoc - HUD now includes all 4 players in the player status area.

Balance Changes:
- Destroyer - Module Reboot
Issue: Later tiers of module reboot were not better than the earlier tiers.  We decided to rework the amound reduced and cooldowns of each tier to keep them in line with intended functionality while giving a clear benefit to each tier from the previous.

  T0 - CD 45s changed to 60s - CD reduction -20s Unchanged
  T1 - CD 90s Unchanged - CD reduction -40s changed to -30s
  T2 - CD 110s Unchanged - CD reduction -50s changed to -40s
  T3 - CD 135s Changed to 120s - CD reduction -60s changed to -50s
  T4 - CD 160s Changed to 110s - CD reduction -70s changed to -55s
  T5 - CD 180s Changed to 100s - CD reduction -80s changed to -60s

- Artillery - Rapid Fire
Issue: This module has always provided little benefit to medium and heavy snipers due to the largest benefit being increased fire rate and those snipers having 1 or 2 shots per reload.  Due to this we decided to increase the reload benefit.  This doesn't impact light snipers very much as they take most of the duration to go through their ammo before a reload is even necessary.  Please let us know if we took this too far as we want it to feel like an impactful module choice, but do not want to make them overpowered.

  T2 - Reload speed -21% changed to -40%
  T3 - Reload speed -26% changed to -45%
  T4 - Reload speed -32% changed to -50%
  T5 - Reload speed -40% changed to -60%

- Corvette - Scramble Mines
Issue: Currently the duration of scramble and cooldown of ability allows one corvette to perma scramble someone.  This is not a fun situation for those on the receiving end, especially for new players.  Because of this, we have increased the cooldown of the module and decreased the amount of time you are scrambled.  We took a small step this time but could do more in the future.

  T3 - CD 12s changed to 30s - Scramble duration 6s changed to 5s
  T4 - CD 10s changed to 26s - Scramble duration 8s changed to 6s

  T5 - CD 8s changed to 20s - Scramble duration 10s changed to 8s