PS4 Stability

  • Fixed a crash that was resulting in about 40% of all PS4 client crashes
    • This crash most often occurred on initial login
    • Another instance of this crash could happen as you transition back to the home screen if the game finished downloading during the training or tutorial match.

PS4 Havoc Mode

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes ships would not spawn in Havoc around wave 12 causing progress to be blocked.

Corvette Modules

  • Fixed an issue where some players could be grandfathered into equipping multiple Armor Amp modules
    • Note: This may require some players to reapply their Corvette loadouts

Ship Vanity

  • Fixed multiple missing icons for coatings, emblems, decals, and patterns
  • Some emblems were showing the low LOD version in the hangar, they should now show the high LOD

Missiles and Projectiles

  • Tartarus missiles now provide a nuke warning at the appropriate time instead of right before it hits
  • Plasma Cannon fire should no longer be invisible if shot towards you from max range
  • Hell Lasers will now give much higher priority to nuclear missiles when multiple targets are present
  • Flechette Half Battery now uses a proper icon


  • Fixed an issue where the lower left offer from GP or Elite Status would sometimes appear with the icon of the upper left offer
    • 90 day Elite Status icon could appear as 7 days
    • 5000 GP pack could appear as 500 GP
    • These had confirmation boxes with the correct information
  • New offerings in the market are a bit out of season
    • We kept these since they offer a unique color (pink) and a new type of emblem (holographic)
    • We also wanted to put out some new offers to verify the update pipeline to Live


  • Nuclear mines now display the actual range of possible damage instead of a single value
  • The Ballistic Cannons on the T5 Destroyer, Gora, now display the correct damage in the tooltip
  • Heavy Plasma Cannons on the T5 Dreadnought, Zmey, now display the correct damage in the tooltip