DN Turbo Market Copy

Greetings, Captains. 

In this release we deployed a new game mode, a new map, and UI improvements. 

New Game Mode: Turbo TDM

The new Turbo game mode was made possible by the discovery of enriched antimatter and the daring experimentation of our Sinley Bay engineers, recklessly led by Ray Dog. 

  • Turbo-charged Team Deathmatch.

    • This mode kicks team deathmatch up a notch with accelerated ships and weapons 

    • Work with your team to takedown as many members of the opposing team and be the first to 25 kills (100 points)

  • From some early reports of combat testing between Ray Dog and other captains first on the scene, the following modifications apply to your ships if affected by enriched antimatter:

  • +600% movement

  • +300% vertical movement 

  • +300% turn speed 

  • +50% damage,

  • -50% module cooldowns, 

  • -50% weapon cooldown and reload time

  • +250% projectile speed

  • New Contract: Speed Demon for Turbo TDM mode

    • Play two games of Turbo

    • Reward: 10,000 Credits

New Map: Site 23

“Site 23,” also known as the Mercury Exclusion Zone, it’s the wreck site of a Transhuman ship called Aethon. 

The ship was discovered by Commonwealth scientists in the days after the War, the area was quickly developed into a secret research facility to understand and exploit its advanced engine technology.

After a disastrous core rupture collapsed the security perimeter and broadcast its location to the Solar System, Site 23 has become a battleground for rogue captains looking to collect the enriched antimatter radiating from the wreck.

The Site 23 map is exclusively available in the Turbo game mode.

UI Changes 

Improving the UI has been in our To Do list (and our wish list) for a while. We’re thrilled that we were able to implement the first wave of changes. 

We made some initial redesign work for home, statistics, contracts, fleet selection, and game mode selection screens. We also streamlined the opening screen sequence to get you to the game faster. 


Please keep in mind that this is work in progress, and we welcome your feedback along the way.

Market Updates

  • New Hero Ship: Hermes

    • This is the ship that Raydog commanded during the investigation of the Mercury Exclusion Zone.

    • It’s a T3 Light Corvette with the following modules:

      • Blink Warp

      • Heavy Torpedoes

      • Disrupt Pulse

      • Afterburners

  • New Figureheads: Hermes

    • Hermes style figureheads for all ship classes

  • The PS4 in the game Market has been updated with bundles equivalent to the Steam DLC bundles.

    • Outlaw Horde

    • Renegade Stash

    • Rogue Cache

  • Mercury Expedition Decal

    • Claim your free Mercury Expedition Decal in the Market through March

Balance Changes:

  • Goliath Torpedo - Decreased deploy and arm time by 1 second and increased steering time by 1 second.

  • Artillery Cruiser Bots - Added rules for them to use secondary weapons at close range.

Bug Fixes and Improvements:

  • PC Login - fixed a crash on login if you have too many friends in your list.

  • Havoc Mode - Fixed a soft lock on Havoc wave 19.

  • Ship Modules - Endurance mode now triggers regeneration consistently.

  • Orbit Screen - Added 40 seconds to orbit timer to give players more time to load in. If all players ready-up, it will skip the rest of the timer. This addressed an issue where some players did not get into orbit in time for ship selection.

  • AI Bots - Fixed a light corvette loadout that had primary weapons in the secondary slot.

As always, many thanks for playing our game. 

The Engineers of Sinley Bay

Mercury Decal