Thank you to so many of our fans for stopping by our Grey Box booth at PAX East and for making this show one for the record books! We had a spectacular turnout all three days of PAX in no small part due to your continued dedication and support. At the show we gave fans a chance to get their hands on Dreadnought and experience the thrill of blowing up their friends in exhilarating space combat. Here's a rundown of all the fun and excitement Grey Box and Yager brought to PAX East 2015.

Set Phasers To Stunning

More commanders took to the skies than ever before as our booth sported fifty OriginPC stations for passionate fans to get behind the helm of their very own Dreadnought! Coached by our developers at Yager, attendees engaged in riveting 5v5 Team Deathmatch action for fame and glory. Expert shoutcasters Kevin "RotterdaM" van der Kooi and Austin "Capitalist" Walsh guided onlookers through the step-by-step action visible from the giant screen above our booth stage. Ship shrapnel flew all day long.

Amazingly, even with a fully capped wait line all three days, fans were able to play Dreadnought upwards of twelve times! Now that is dedication. Our PAX East booth was also home to a dedicated streaming station where some of our favorite Twitch personalities spent the convention showing everybody at home Dreadnought!

Team Elimination Announced

A brand new game mode, Team Elimination, was announced during our 'Dreadnought: Best of Both Worlds' panel! In TE players will face off against one another 5v5 similar to TDM but with a strategic twist, everyone only has one life. If your capital ship goes up in flames, you will respawn as an agile but vulnerable fighter jet. Fighters are able to influence the battle by supporting living allies offensively or defensively; victory will require a level of communication and strategic planning unseen before in Dreadnought.

Mighty Fine Shindig, Grey Box

On Saturday evening, after a full day of gameplay demos and panels, our most dedicated fans were treated to a Grey Box Meet & Greet party! There, fans got the opportunity to chat with devs from Yager during our Q&As, enjoy amazing food and drinks, and participate in the first ever Official Dreadnought Tournament!

Forty fans squared off all night for the chance at spectacular Logitech prizes and a showdown against the devs. Huge congratulations to our champions Team Ringer and everyone who played! Peter Holzapfel and the Yager devs continue to remain undefeated however, and we look forward to our community taking them down soon...

We're Just Getting Started

We at Grey Box and Yager had an absolute blast at PAX East and hope you did too! Sound off on our Dreadnought forums to share your adventures at our booth, our developers are standing by to answer questions and discuss the game.

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