Rupture Catalyst:
- Now uses the correct projectile and doesn't deactivate the module until after reloading the weapon. This is to combat a situation where the module is being deactivated before it actually finishes shooting the last shot causing that shot to use the incorrect projectile. This will also affect any other ammo modules.- Also increased the projectile speed of this module to 4.5k/s to help with reliability. With such a long cooldown, it was too easy to miss with the shot due to how slow the projectile was.

Tac Light Rocket Turrets:
- Now detonates within 100m proximity to an enemy ship.

UI Tooltip update:
- Updated some module and ship tooltip information to match current functionality. This will only be updated in English at the moment. There are still more to update and I will be getting these updated in waves.

Appearance Sorting:
- Now sorts owned to the top of the list when equipping appearance items including Coatings, Patterns, Emblems, and Decals.

Bundle Sorting:
- In the Market Bundles tab, now sorts by bundle type so all Mixed bundles are at the top, then Captain vanity, Coatings, Decals, Emblems, and Patterns so you can find what you are looking for a little easier.

Market Update:

Nordlander - Forecastle with Figurehead, ship parts, Coating and Decal.
- The Nordlander was captained by Commandant Svetlana Kov, inflicting severe losses on the Transhuman fleets during the Asteroid Belt Skirmishes. Lasting for 12 years towards the end of the Great Solar War, a total of 1,400 PCF fleets squared off against Transhuman fleets during these skirmishes, in an attempt to push them out of the Belt. The PCF lost overwhelmingly in the battles, but in the final weeks of the skirmishes, Commandant Kov led a 42-ship fleet against thousands of Transhuman ships. Instead of attacking outright, Kov powered down her entire fleet and drifted towards a main enemy command ship flotilla, using battlefield debris as cover to launch a final vicious assault. This hugely risky move ultimately paid off, forcing the Transhuman fleets out of the Asteroid Belt.

-- (Known Issue)- In match name for the loadout is "Marzanna", this was the development name and will be corrected in a future update.

RayDog Decal

- Support your local Sinley Bay engineer RayDog by sporting this new decal!
-- RayDog was known as a legendary mechanic spending most of his time fixing ships in Sinley Bay. His brand can be found on the ships he has repaired and on his own when he went out to deliver payback for damaging his works.

Three New Coatings:

- Silence

- Aerofoil Gray

- Karat Syndicate (White).

Three New Winter Tattoos:

- Macteera Subtle

- Macteera Bold

- Geevra.

Two Pattern Bundles:

- Splinter

- Woodland Camo

Winter Items Now Available

- All previously released winter items on sale!