Are you a rugged, no-nonsense Akula Vektor captain, or do you favor the gray, robust steel of Jupiter Arms? Or do your eyes glow green at the sight of Oberon’s sleek, ethereal designs?

The three manufacturers of the colossal capital ships you command in battle are looking to settle a score (and flex their egos). Jupiter Arms, Akula Vektor and Oberon want to see who has the toughest ships—and the toughest captains. It’s time for the Corporate Takeover event!

From now until Tuesday, January 2nd at 6:00 am CDT / 12:00 UTC, these three industry titans will be watching the battlefields to see which ship brand has the strongest showing—and they’re prepared to give a reward to all who brave the chaos.

Coating Update 01/12

Corporate Takeover rewards are being distributed! Keep an eye on your Grey Box account email!

Final Update 01/02

Akula Vektor is victorious on PlayStation 4, and Jupiter Arms takes the winning slot on PC!

takeover final.jpg

Note: PS4 players, if you have already received the "Fallen Troy" coating via Twitch Drops your reward will be replaced with the "Tonder" coating. 

Rewards will be released next week!


  • Akula Vektor wins: all participants get the Fallen Troy coating

  • Jupiter Arms wins: all participants get the Tonder coating

  • Oberon wins: all participants get the Tiger coating




Here’s how it works: play any ship, in any game mode on PC or PS4 (excluding Havoc Mode). Playing a match will contribute your score to the manufacturer(s) of the ships that you use in battle. For example, if you play a Nav, your score will contribute to Akula Vektor’s overall point total. Similarly, if you play a Nav and a Cerberus in a match, you’ll contribute your scores to Akula Vektor while you’re commanding the Nav and to Oberon while you’re in the Cerberus. At the end of the Corporate Takeover event, players will receive the reward associated with the manufacturer that has the highest score.

One thing to keep in mind: your score will be counted in each ship that you play—everything from kills and deaths to bonus achievements and healing points (note: extra bonuses, like Battle Bonus, Elite Status and the Win Booster Bonus, will not count).

To sum up:

  • Choose a ship, play in matches and contribute the scores you earn to the various ship manufacturers (excluding any bonuses or multipliers)

  • All three manufacturers are offering different coatings to participating players

  • Only the manufacturer that wins will give their coating to all participants

  • Any player that completes a match during the Corporate Takeover event will receive the coating of the winning manufacturer

Ready to fight under the banner of your favorite ship manufacturers? Warp into battle now and follow this clash of corporate titans as it unfolds—we’ll be posting regular updates on Facebook and  Twitter!

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