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Over the last few months, the battlefields of Dreadnought have been full of new captains looking to earn fame and fortune. With so many new recruits, we’d like to remind everyone that there’s one final account reset coming up before we move into open beta next year.

To get you prepared for what’s next, we’ve compiled a list of questions we thought might be on your mind!

Why is the reset happening?

We’ve learned a lot throughout closed beta, the Shipyard Update and the Operation Meltdown stress test—and as a result, we’ve made tons of changes and improvements. Once we go into open beta, we want everyone to start out on an equal playing field.

When is the reset happening?

We plan to wipe accounts one more time before we transition into open beta in 2017.

What will be reset?

The following will be reset:

  • Captain rank

  • Tech Tree progress (weapons / modules unlocked or purchased)

  • Manufacturer Tree progress (ships unlocked and purchased)

  • Store purchases

  • Credits (formerly called Fleet Points [FP])

  • Matchmaking rank

So what about all my purchased currency (GP)?

Any GP packs you purchased will be re-granted to your account immediately after the reset, along with any GP associated with codes that you redeemed from Twitch stream giveaways, contests, bundles, friend grants, etc. All GP you’ve spent so far will be refunded to you.

What about the Credits I earned by playing?

Credits earned from regular gameplay will not be re-granted after the reset. Ship XP and Free XP, along with any Manufacturer Tree progress, will be reset as well.

I want my awesome Bun Bun Coating back. Why aren't you granting that to me?

Cosmetic items purchased with GP or Credits will not be re-granted after the reset. However, any GP that you spent will be refunded. This gives you an opportunity to spend your GP on something new.

Will Hero Ships still be available?

Hero Ships that were available in the market for GP will still be purchasable after the reset. Hero Ships that were part of a bundle (like a Hunter Pack or Mercenary Pack) and were unlocked with a code will be re-granted to your account after the reset. The Trident Hero Ship that was available for Credits as part of Operation Meltdown will not be re-granted.

I got an exclusive item from an event—what about that?

If you received an item or bundle as part of a special promotion, giveaway, or event, it will be re-granted to your account immediately after the reset. This includes:

  • Hunter Pack

  • Mercenary Pack

  • Fleet Recruitment Pack

  • PAX South decal

  • RTX Bloodcat decal

  • PDXLAN Spring 2016 pack

  • 1st Dev Hunt Bounty Hunter reward

  • Leaderboard rewards

  • Gamescom 2016 decal

When is the exact date for open beta?

We are currently working that out. After the break, we hope that we’ll be able to give you more details!

What if I'm missing something after the reset?

Our awesome CS team will be standing by to investigate any issues that you may experience after the maintenance. If you have any questions, let us know on the forums or Twitter!