The deeper you venture into the Solar System, the darker the stories of myths and monsters become. Most of these tales have been documented as nothing more than folklore, as runaway imaginations brought about by uncertainty and fear. However, many groups on the front lines have done more than tell tales—they have experienced them first-hand. One of the most famous is the 44th PCF Regiment known as the Gambits, a fleet that is said to wield mysterious, unseen forces during battle.

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Portal, circa 2386—soon after the battle that bears its name. This ghostly asteroid still orbits the Uranian moon Sycorax. Despite reports of being haunted by the souls of the fallen, captains still scavenge its bones.

Led by Captain Cath Sedella of Crescent City, Enyo, the Gambits were famous for defeating larger, stronger Transhuman fleets. Like many regiments posted on the Uranian front, the Gambits felt compelled to put their trust in fortune and the whims of fickle gods. It was only natural for Sedella to choose Voodoo, which her ancestors practiced in New Orleans back on Federal Earth before the war. When outgunned, it wasn’t uncommon for Sedella to call upon the legendary Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau before throwing caution to the wind and dominating a much larger enemy.

While the Gambits are known for their luck and allegiance to Voodoo, they are most famous for their hard-fought victory at the Battle of Portal. On October 31st, 2385 CE, Transhuman forces descended on the Gambits near Portal, a small PCF outpost that orbits the Uranian satellite Sycorax. Although outgunned, the Gambits didn’t back down. Without fear or hesitation, they viciously countered the hundreds-strong fleet. During the battle, many crew reported that they felt their minds being invaded; it was as if their actions were unfamiliar, yet had been performed a thousand times before. Some dismiss these reports as stories; others contend they were the supernatural work of the captain.

After the haze of Portal cleared, more than half the Gambits had been wiped out. But thanks to Sedella’s skill at bluffing and her faith in the Ghede Loa, the spirits of the dead, the Transhuman forces were stunned; they had no choice but to retreat toward Neptune. Every member of the Gambits that lived through this landmark battle dedicated the rest of their lives to serving the Ghede Loa—a divine symbol that they cherished and believed in much more than the war that still raged around the dark, empty frontier.