Perched on an asteroid, Sinley Bay has no true winter—but that doesn’t stop things from getting cold. Every year, the icy tail of the comet Geevra pummels the station with torrents of small meteorites, damaging its ecological life support systems and plunging it into a deep freeze.

Besides bundling up, superstitious captains like to pay tribute to this annual phenomenon by borrowing from the Celtic folklore of humanity’s past. They give the comet dual avatars—Geevra, the Queen of Winter, and Droleen, its King—and look to Macteera, the pair’s wolf, to protect their outpost from the incoming chill.

Geevra has almost descended on the Scum Belt—it’s time to prepare for her arrival with some rugged gear and seasonal decorations that honor this frosty folklore!

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Winter Survival Gear Bundle

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