New Items:

- Dead Horde Bundle - The Havoc forecastles, coating and emblem are available to purchase in this bundle.
- Raven Figurehead - Special forecastle with Figurehead for Akula Vector Dreadnoughts!
- Tattoos and tints - Look in captain customization for some new tattoos and tints available.
- New Hero Ship Indrik - Akula Vector Tactical Cruiser enabling the ship and all it's included vanity items.
- Aegis Retrofit - Aegis ship parts for your Jupiter Arms Dreadnoughts.
- Previous Halloween items are discounted 50%.

Balance Changes:

- Dreadnoughts - All primaries damage have been revised to make them viable to use over secondary repeaters. This change was in response to feedback that repeaters were required on dreadnoughts as their primary weapons were not doing comparable damage.  This reduced the options on dreadnoughts since you couldn't effectively choose any other secondary weapons. Anyone who didn't know this, was doing sub par damage due to the assumption that the primary weapon should be better in most circumstances.

- Corvette Beam weapons - Increased the base damage of beam weapons.  Changed the falloff so that it only drops off 50% outside of optimal range(901-1200) from 90% and drops to the 90% at max range(1201-1400).  As a secondary weapon, beam weapons were underperforming in their intended function of close range combat due to the damage falling off so abruptly and dramatically. We still want them to do optimal damage at short range, but didn't want them to 

- Desperate Measures - Reduced the full Ability Refresh to 20s cooldown reduction. We have received a ton of feedback on how to deal with Desperate Measures. Many feel that it just gives too much benefit as an officer briefing.  We decided to take a slow approach to applying nerfs to this module to make sure it remains useful.  It didn't make sense to get all your energy and all your modules back, but we also didn't want to take it away completely as that felt too extreme.  As a comprimise, we decided to reduce the benefit of ability cooldown reduction so it only refreshes some abilities or only if they were already on cooldown, meaning you can't fully unload on someone twice in a suicide mission.  This is a heavily used officer briefing, so we will need to watch how this changes playstyles and make appropriate additional changes if they are needed.

- Scylla Torpedo - Increased the steering time and decreased the turn speed.  Also increased the arm time to 2.5 seconds.  The first part was just a general tweak to keep it tracking longer as this was intended, but allow fast moving ships the ability to potentially dodge it at the last minute.  The last change was to alleviate the problem where moving forward too fast could have the torpedo explode in your face.

Dreadnought weapon changes:

Dreadnought Jupiter Arms Primary(Heavy):
- T4 High 210 Mid 115 Low 80 Changed to High 235 Mid 200 Low 150 (turrets 3)(projectiles per shot 2) Changed refire time from 0.6 to 0.5
- T5 High 280 Mid 150 Low 120 Changed to High 290 Mid 215 Low 160 (turrets 3) Number of projectiles from 1 to 2. Changed refire time from .2 to .45

Dreadnought Akula Vector Primary(Medium):

- T1 High 520 Mid 500 Low 350 changed to High 625 Mid 610 Low 430 (turrets 2)
- T2 High 645 Mid 610 Low 440 changed to High 775 Mid 750 Low 540 (turrets 2)
- T3 High 535 Mid 520 Low 360 changed to High 645 Mid 630 Low 440 (turrets 3)
- T4 High 600 Mid 575 Low 425 changed to High 720 Mid 705 Low 520 (turrets 3)
- T5 High 520 Mid 500 Low 350 changed to High 625 Mid 610 Low 430 (turrets 4)

Dreadnought Oberon Primary(Light):

- T3 High 230 Mid 225 Low 190 changed to High 280 Mid 275 Low 230 (turrets 3)(refire 0.4)(reload 5.61)
- T4 High 220 Mid 210 Low 200 changed to High 270 Mid 260 Low 245 (turrets 3)(refire 0.3)(reload 5.61)
- T5 High 190 Mid 180 Low 175 changed to High 230 Mid 220 Low 205 (turrets 3)(refire 0.2)(reload 2.8)


- T1 High 115 Mid 100 Low 90 changed to High 110 Mid 95 Low 85

- T2 High 130 Mid 115 Low 100 changed to High 125 Mid 110 Low 95
- T3 High 145 Mid 125 Low 120 changed to High 135 Mid 120 Low 115
- T4 High 170 Mid 160 Low 140 changed to High 160 Mid 150 Low 135
- T5 High 195 Mid 180 Low 150 changed to High 185 Mid 170 Low 145

Heavy Flak Turrets- T2 H/M/L 180 changed to 210
- T3 H/M/L 200 changed to 240
- T4 H/M/L 220 changed to 280
- T5 H/M/L 315 changed to 320

Bug fixes:

- On Sale percentage tag now displays so you know what items are on sale and by how much.

- Market carousels now wait longer if you click one of the page dots to view a particular item.become useless just outside of that.