Healers are Heroes

Greetings, Captains! 

We're all living strange times, dealing with the threat of a global pandemic. The entire world is disrupted, and we're all struggling to find a sense of normalcy while living unusual days.  

As the caretakers of Sinley Bay, we want to make sure that your fleets keep flying during the crisis. We're all working from our quarters, with emergency crews ready to go into the engine rooms to restart an overloading reactor (or reset a server) if any issues emerge. 

We also wanted to make a small market update related to what's happening on Earth. So, we're honoring the epic battle that healthcare professionals are fighting against this new virus. The market refresh acknowledges monsters while admiring our heroes.   


The scariest monsters are the ones we can't see. And the bravest heroes are those who fight those hidden foes.

Those heroes are not superhuman. Their courage doesn't come from superior firepower or magical abilities, but from the determined conviction that they must win at all costs.   

So, they go into battle completely blind, but with their eyes wide open. They fight without knowing their enemies or how to kill them, but they fight. And they learn. And they fight again day after day after day.   

And they save us.


We're releasing the Charybdis Bundle, a fearsome set of figureheads and coatings for each Tac Cruiser class. 

Charybdis was a sea monster that inhabited the deepest point of the Mediterranean Sea, back in Old Earth. She would lurk in the dark waters, shackled to the bottom, patiently waiting for ships to sail above her cavernous maw. The tentacled monster would drink a great gulp of water, creating a violent whirlpool that would sink the mightiest vessels and send unwary sailors to their deaths. This imposing sea monster will instill fear in any enemy fleet that dares fire upon your teammates. 



There is nothing more reassuring than the healing green ray of a Tactical Cruiser in the middle of a raging fight. Tac Cruiser Captains are the medics of our fleets, saving our ships and giving us the strength to fight our enemies and win our battles. 

To allow all of our Captains the opportunity to strengthen their fleets, we're putting all Tac Cruiser Hero Ships on sale!

You'll be able to enjoy the powerful repair capabilities of the Mighty Herja, the Resilient Kali, the Muscular Indrik, the Sleek Akkoro, or the Versatile Nereid.


With the new Chiron Medical Fleet coating, you will proudly display your allegiance to the famed fleet that provides field support throughout the solar system.

To remind us of the efforts of our heroic medical professionals on Earth, Sinley Bay is launching its own medical fleets into the skies of Dreadnought.

The fleet is named after Chiron, a strong and wise centaur that lived at the foot of Mount Pelion, overlooking the warm waters of the Aegean Sea. Unlike other Centaurs, who were violent and savage, he was famous for his wisdom and knowledge of medicine. Chiron was the ultimate healer as he invented botany and pharmacy, the science of herbs and medicine.

Additional Notes:  

We are still unable to push a patch to PC Live until we resolve some internal issues but we were able to make some adjustments through config files.


Rewards for Healing have been increased a bit for Onslaught and very slightly increased in a few other spots.


Credits awarded for matches have been increased.

In the past we made a big change to credit rewards for a Credit Boost Weekend event and then later set that boosted state to the default rewards. We have made a smaller increase today on top of what was already Live.


Our player population has stabilized lately so we are easing back on some of the changes we made to ensure players would get quick matches even when queued player count was low.

Recruit matches have been adjusted to a minimum of 4 players. 

- Forced start times have been increased to 4 minutes up from 3 minutes.

- Note: This won't affect the first few matches that a new player gets right after the Tutorial match.

Recruit Proving Grounds now force starts after 2 minutes, up from 30 seconds.

Note:  Any time we make changes to rewards and matchmaking we will be actively engaging the players on Discord for feedback regarding the changes. Additional adjustments can be made quickly based on their feedback if neccessary.