Every ship in Dreadnought is powerful in its own way—but only a select few are legendary. Steeped in the history of the Great Solar War, these revered vessels, or Hero Ships, offer dramatic colors, textures and contours that are as unique as their famed origins.

In addition to unique designs, Hero Ships give you instant access to advanced weapons and modules that are normally unlocked at higher captain ranks. While Hero Ships don't give you an outright advantage in battle, they do offer more specialized options. Check out Dreadnought's first five Hero Ships below!

Once you own a Hero Ship, you can apply any of its cosmetic components (which make up a Hero Set) to its corresponding ship type. For example, you can only apply vanity items from a medium Dreadnought Hero Set to a medium Dreadnought. You can also combine elements from a Hero Set with other cosmetic items (and even other Hero Set items) to create your own hybrid designs.

Ready to command some epic vessels? Get one (or all five) Hero Ships by purchasing a Founder's Pack!