As Dreadnought's third and latest game mode, Onslaught adds AI-controlled ships to an epic 8v8 battle format. In Onslaught, matches are chaotic and the objective is simple: rack up points for your team by destroying as many enemy vessels or neutral AI ships as possible.

Onslaught packs more ships—and more explosions—into a single battle.

Throughout a match, you'll have the freedom to engage enemies as well as AI ships, which spawn across the map in three different sizes. While destroying both types of vessels adds points to your team's score, an opponent's ship is worth much more than a smaller AI ship.

You can earn points by battling other players or destroying smaller AI ships.

With more targets to choose from, Onslaught gives you plenty of opportunities to use every weapon and module in your arsenal. In this mode, the large-scale battles against AI squadrons and enemy ships are designed to make your ship feel even more massive and powerful.

A Monarch Dreadnought looms over a sky full of capital ships and smaller AI ships.

While chaotic, battles in Onslaught can provide a useful learning environment for novice players. With plenty of weaker AI targets to engage, you can easily test out strategies, hone your combat skills and contribute to your team's score.

The outskirts of battle provide easier targets for novice players.

Sound fun? We think so—but at this point, you're probably wondering one thing: "When can I play it?" While we don't have a live date for Onslaught lined up yet, we are working hard to make this mode the best that it can be—which is why we couldn't hold back from sharing it with you!

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