Out of the dark, desolate Scum Belt, a giant emerges into sunlight. Bathed in warmth for the first time in months, the dwarf planet Ceres shakes off its icy coating, takes its first breaths and exhales massive plumes of steam—but that’s not all that emerges from its depths.

When Ceres awakens, there is plenty of treasure and tech to be scavenged by the outlaw captains who call the outer Solar System home. Are you ready to stake your claim?


It may be hard for a rookie to understand why captains flock to Ceres whenever it begins to thaw. However, catching a glimpse of the valuable battle debris and Transhuman tech that can emerge from this dwarf planet is enough to light a fire inside any outlaw.

Ceres isn’t the only place where fearless treasure hunters search for relics from the Great Solar War—but it is the most prolific. Its rocky surface is full of loot that smugglers and scavengers will do anything to keep to themselves. The most dedicated have been known to drop decoy pods to throw others off the trail of the best hunting spots. However, enterprising outlaws began to use the pods as hiding places for their most valuable loot. As a result, captains rush into battle over these potential treasure troves, because they never know what kinds of valuable tech they’ll find.

Ceres Awakens Battle Scene 1

Ready to reap the rewards of Ceres? The rules are similar to Team Deathmatch: you compete to get the most team kills, but also have the chance to pick up special pods marked with the Ceres goddess symbol.

In a Ceres Awakens match, pods spawn randomly across the Ryugu Haven map. When you pick up a pod, every member of your team will get a temporary boost to their ship’s stats. A pod’s effect will expire after 30 seconds—or when the captain who collected it is destroyed.

There are 6 types of Ceres pods, each of which provides a random buff to your team:


  • +30% weapon damage

  • -30% weapon cooldown

  • -30% primary reload time

  • -30% secondary reload time


  • -50% modules cooldown


  • +30% damage resistance


  • +40% energy regeneration rate

  • -40% energy regeneration cooldown


  • +30% health regeneration rate

  • -40% health regeneration cooldown


  • Boosts ship acceleration and top speed


Ceres Awakens is a special in-game event, which means it will only be available until July 13th at 10am CDT. Play now to get a spot on our leaderboards—and get GP rewards! For more details, check out the Ceres Awakens Leaderboards Challenge!

REWARDS UPDATE: We heard your feedback, and we’ve decided to add more leaderboard rewards. Now places 6-20 will receive the bright and vivid Indigo Dusk coating!

  • 1st place: 4000 GP
  • 2nd - 5th place: 1200 GP
  • NEW REWARD: 6th - 20th place: Indigo Dusk coating

To play a Ceres Awakens match, simply select it in the “game mode” drop-down menu (under the central PLAY button).

Let us know in our forums what you think about the event!


One of the largest groups to harvest Ceres’ tech are the Ceres Scavvies. While not a close-knit faction, this rugged type of outlaw routinely salvages battle debris from some of the most hazardous moons and asteroids across the Solar System. Inspired by the prospect of victory and fortune, many captains opt to go into battle decked out in the rough and durable uniform of these fearless prospectors—or even command one of their famous ships.


Continue the scavenging legacy of this Akula Vektor Tier-IV Corvette for 4,000 GP!

Ceres Awakens Demeter Poster

Captained by Jun Prokofiev, this burly vessel led the PCF’s first wave of Corvettes against the Transhumans in the Atlantis Battle. After the war—and learning that his beloved ship was to be decommissioned—Prokofiev went AWOL. He took the Demeter and a few loyal crew members into the treacherous asteroids of the Scum Belt, eventually finding fame as one of the first Ceres Scavvies.

Demeter Hero Ship


Show some grit and courage with a rugged Ceres Scavvy captain outfit for 750 GP.

Ceres Awakens Male Body

A tough suit that’s built for dirty jobs. Popular among scavengers in the outer Solar System, this outfit is vital for salvaging valuable battle debris from the craters and crevices of remote asteroids and moons.

Ceres Awakens Female Body


Live (and breathe) like a true scavenger. Get the Ceres Respirator for 175 GP.

Ceres Awakens Female Mask

Respirators are an essential tool of the scavenger trade. This model is common among the Ceres Scavvies, who use it to breathe freely amid the toxic fumes they encounter aboard the drifting remains of derelict ships.

Ceres Awakens Male Mask


Coat your vessel in the colors of the harvest goddess for 300 GP.

Ceres Awakens Dusk Coating

When the sun hits Ceres’ cold, rocky surface, plumes and geysers erupt, filling its skies with an indigo haze. Captains who regularly visit Ceres have developed a liking for this color—some even say it’s a symbol of luck and fortune.