When it comes to manufacturing engines of supreme destruction, no one hits harder than Jupiter Arms. The inspiration for their ship design harkens back to Earth military weaponry from the height of the 21st Century, emphasizing angularity and edged with very dramatic hard lines. These elements create an intensely assertive-looking weapon, similar to the classic F-117 aircraft and many other US military vehicles from the time. Jupiter Arms ships are often very symmetrical with a bulky frame to emphasize the harsh and authoritative stance of the manufacturer’s values. The design is forceful and dominant, striking fear into the enemy.

Pilot House Jupiter Arms

The pilot house holds the captain bridge and essential navigation personnel. The design for Jupiter Arms pilot house is always positioned on the center of the lateral axis to enhance the control and power exerted over the battlefield. From this vantage point, captains get the clear view necessary to make split-second decisions in combat. Larger ships will generally have two pilot houses, allowing for even more situational awareness. The windows on the pilot house emit a warm yellow glow when in a darkened environment which creates the feeling of an industrial plant back on Earth. Jupiter Arms windows are somewhat mirror-like and onlookers can make out small details behind the glass, giving the appearance of a control room. These pilot windows are separated by angular guards that have a hard, beveled form to further emphasize the superiority of Jupiter Arms space crafts.

Scattergun Broadsides Jupiter Arms

To stay in line with this superiority of craftsmanship, the weapons maintain the same general form and materials as the rest of the ship while still looking and feeling like a classic ballistic weapon. A great example is the Scattergun Broadside, one of the most formidable weapons Jupiter Arms developed. The Scatterguns are located symmetrically on either side of the ship and fires a short-range volley at a targeted enemy. Jupiter Arms ships tend to lean towards aggressive tactics in battle. Their forward-built weaponry is designed to assist with their brutal strategies of war, focusing on dishing out damage rather than withstanding it. Even the supporting Tactical Cruiser line of vessels are dangerous. Lacking the nano-repair technology acquired by the other manufacturers, they tend to prioritize damage and offensive maneuvers over supporting other ships defensively. Jupiter Arms takes each weapon on their armada and innovates it to ensure they are adaptive on the battlefield, hitting harder than any who dare stand against these fierce warriors.

Panel Lines Jupiter Arms

In manufacturing, most Jupiter Arms ships have large panels of metal that are broken into smaller sections with panel lines. Long panel lines are interrupted with “sawtooth” triangular patterns similar to the faceted panels on stealth crafts. The triangular shape of the panels are usually 45 degree and 90 degree angles, standard construction angles that allowed for quick fabrication during the Great Solar War. Unlike other manufacturers, Jupiter Arms openly display their intakes, hatches, punch-ins, vent slits, windows, and sensor arrays - a very “common sense” approach that prefers function to form. The exposed interior is more densely detailed than the outer shell, contains pipes, conductive metal components, windows, vent slits, crew hatches, and support struts, and give the crew inside a more industrial yet human feel.

Engines Jupiter Arms

Jupiter Arms engines open when activated - the outer flaps blossom outward, like a flower, and the inner ring is thrust further into its housing. The engines are mechanical and circular in form, glowing blue. When active, engines fire a plume of blue flame. The blue color represents solidarity, trust and respect, something the manufacturer strives for in their company mission.

When it comes to Corvettes, the manufacturer focuses more on maneuverability and stealth. These ships are not designed to sustain heavy damage, wanting their ships to function more for adaptability when combating the Transhumans. The CEO felt that reverse-engineering transhuman technology was unnecessary and a better technique to destroy them was to be prepared for change. The sleek Corvette design reflects this bold confidence for the future.

corvette in hangar

Jupiter Arms caters their designs to any nation’s needs but heavily leans towards Troja’s aesthetics and principles. These Trojans are similarly fearless, self-reliant, and often blunty aggressive in battle. They aspire to the classical warrior ideals and believe in winning at nearly any cost, caring nothing for any factors that are irrelevant in battle. Troja’s military adherence to ranks and regulations is at the core of its animosity for the Scum Belt’s outlaws, who are led by Bix Duquette, formerly hailed as the nation’s greatest hero.

Jupiter Arms offers everything needed to secure victory:
human ingenuity, strength, and determination.