Daily Login Streak

  • Fixed an issue with login streak at the end of the month so the rollover to a new month should now work as expected. 

Captain Outfits

  • The lights on certain caption outfits will now be adjusted when you apply tints to your captain.
  • This will affect the Dragonhead Outfit, Red Tiger Mask, Memento Mori Mask, Deep Space Survival Gear, and the Nanodoc Outfit.

PlayStation Client Crashes

  • We reduced some memory usage on PS4 to help with crashes 
  • Please let us know if this is helping or not.

PS4 User Interface

  • Added the details when looking at equipped loadout slots on hover and when navigated on PS4

Market Updates

  • We have added Red Tiger Decals, Coating, and a Mask for Lunar New Year
  • The Tengshe and Dragonhead Armor are back in the market and on sale
  • Valentines Day vanity items are in the market and on sale


  • The Digital Camo pattern is now available
  • We left some of the winter patterns in the market since they make up most of our pattern offers