We have a host of updates coming soon to the in-game market. Check them out below!


Some captains prefer to strike first. Others savor the opportunity to strike back. The Trident bundle is about one thing: revenge.

The Trident Hero Ship

This Monarch-class Dreadnought is a weapon of vengeance. Commanded by Captain Melville Blanco under the banner of the Pan-Colonial Fleet, this flagship represents its captain's crushing defeat at the hands of a Transhuman Dreadnought—and obsessive pursuit of retribution.

In addition to the Trident Hero Ship, the Trident bundle (1900 GP) includes the legendary vessel's coating, emblem and decal that you can use to add a vengeful look and feel to your favorite ship.


Channel the ruthless spirit of one of the Solar System's most feared figures. The Bounty Hunter set includes:

  • The Bounty Hunter Guild coating
  • The Deathnote pattern
  • The Slaver Ring decal (black and white versions)

All items are available individually.

The Bounty Hunter Guild coating can only be applied to the Monarch (heavy) Dreadnought, Valcour (light) Corvette and Cattaro (light) Tactical Cruiser.


Make your weapons sting. Mark your vessel with the Scorpion decal in black or white.

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