East vs. West, Red vs. Blue, Occident vs. Orient. This weekend we will settle the question of who would win in a direct competition between the Eastern and the Western hemisphere.

Join us from Wednesday to Monday in the first-ever Meridian Wars in Dreadnought!

How does this work, you ask? With the German Launch as part of 1.9.0 skyrocketing our EU playerbase, we want to know which Dreadnought region can rally the most captains. For that purpose we will analyze your activities from Wednesday 10/18 12:00 UTC to Monday 10/24 12:00 UTC and based on the location you play from determine which hemisphere can produce superior support.

Meridian Wars

Now for the details:
We will separate everyone playing on this weekend into two teams. PlayStation 4 players, this includes you!

Team Blue: players from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia
Team Red: players from North and South America

Our data shows these regions are more-or-less even in population, so it’s all down to which captains participate. We will take everyone’s activity (games played to completion) and calculate the total for each team. Every match you play adds to your team’s score!

Whoever comes out on top is crowned winner of the first Meridian Wars and gains all the bragging rights that come with a hard-earned victory! Devs from both sides of the Atlantic will be adding their support to the fight, so if you see a DN-tagged player be sure to give ‘em hell ;)

We’ll see you on the battlefield.