Someone asked me the other day what my favorite thing about Dreadnought is. My answer might sound a bit unusual, because it isn't quite the things you'd expect. My favorite thing about Dreadnought isn't the sci-fi setting or the moment-to-moment gameplay; slugging it out with volleys of plasma fire, unleashing a brace of nukes, or bursting an Artillery Cruiser down. It's not tweaking the loadouts of my fleet of ships, or messing with the patterns or coatings, or even changing the silhouette of the different ship classes. It's not leveling, or module unlocks, or even the thrill of victory or the agony of defeat.

I enjoy all of those things a lot, to be sure, but my absolute favorite thing is logging into Dreadnought every night and seeing all of the new players that have joined us from around the world. Players who share the same desire to live out their captain fantasy and pilot massive capital ships into battle. It's a fantasy that isn't relegated to just one country or region, but one that resonates with a global audience, and that's really something exciting and inspiring.

At its heart, this game is a work of love by both a German Dev studio and an American publisher who want nothing more than to create a truly enjoyable global game experience. Achieving that means listening to the players with local forums, providing our community a consistently high level of service, and delivering unto each region their own localized version of DN.

That's why I'm excited to announce our plans to localize the game client in the months ahead. We'll start in German, quickly followed by our friends speaking French, Polish and Spanish - and that's just the start. We are in discussions with additional partners that will expand our global reach even further.

To support this localization effort, we'll need to beef up our team in Berlin. We are recruiting all positions to help support these local language activities. Hardy, our German Community Manager, and Alain, our French Community Manager, have both just joined the team and are starting to reach out to our players to gauge interest.

It's an exciting time for Dreadnought, and I'm really pumped about the impending release of the German game client. I can't begin to describe how much I'm looking forward to warping into battle alongside my fellow German captains!

Mike Donatelli
Product Director, Six Foot