What if you were standing on the bridge of a ship, facing a wall of flashing bulbs, important-looking switches, and maybe a big red button or two. Would you dare to press all of them at once? Well, that’s exactly what we’re getting ready to do to our servers, and to be honest, we don’t really know what will happen. Things could go just fine—or everything could go haywire.

However, there’s one group that’s pretty confident: our tech team. In fact, they’ve run the numbers, and they’re positive that these servers won't even break a sweat—no matter how many players we add to the queues.


So, let's find out if they’re right. Join us for Operation Meltdown! We need you to help us sizzle some silicon and char some plastic by logging on and playing this Saturday, December 17th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm CST (for your local time, check here).

Show us what you’ve got. There’s a lot of new content to explore—and you get valuable rewards just for participating. Read on to find out more!

Battle in the deep canyons of Red Sands in Onslaught Mode!

Descend into the rusted haze of the Red Planet and fight your opponents on the surface of Mars! Red Sands, the brand-new multiplayer map that was previewed at Gamescom, is now live and playable in all three game modes.

Command Ship on Red Sands map is attacked by Oberon Tier III Gravis Dreadnought

Play during the event—and get big rewards.

Since Operation Meltdown is designed to tax our servers, you’ll get rewards for simply logging in and playing a match. 500 GP, the Champion decal and the yet-to-be-revealed Operation Meltdown decal will be given to every captain who plays Dreadnought on the 17th (these items will be granted shortly after the event).

We’re also putting a bounty on developer kills. See a ship with a DN tag in-game? Shoot ‘em down. We’ll track which players take out these targets and reward you for your service. Feel free to post any screenshots to our Twitter page to immortalize your victories (we’re sure they’ll love that)!

Still not enough? How about a free Hero Ship? We’ll be dropping the price of the Trident to 100 Credits on Saturday only! Captains who log in will be able to purchase this legendary vessel during the event for virtually nothing, and use it and keep it in their hangar until the last wipe before open beta (If you bought a Trident for GP before Operation Meltdown, that GP will be regranted to you after the final wipe).


While you’re collecting these rewards, we’ll be doing our best to keep our servers running, so please excuse any hitches in performance. After it’s all over, we’ll have a better idea of our limits—and how to make everything better once open beta comes around. If you happen to run into any bugs, use the in-game bug reporter and we’ll investigate!

So come help us break stuff, and invite your friends (friend invite codes should be in your inbox). This test only works when dedicated players like you log in and help us put the servers through their paces—so play whenever you can!

We’ll be kicking off Operation Meltdown with our community stream, so tune in for a chance to pick up one of the Winter Solstice emblem codes we’re giving away. Need a squad? The community-run Discord is a great place to meet up with other captains and monitor the moment-to-moment action of Operation Meltdown.

Mark your calendars—and good hunting!