What early explorers started on Earth the Transhumans continued—above and beyond its atmosphere. They braved the Asteroid Belt and created new, livable worlds by shaping the outer planets and their moons.

The Venture update is meant to capture the spirit of expansion and progress. Equip your ships with the bravery of the first colonists on Mars, Venus and beyond!


Charge fearlessly into the unknown with the Valkyrie Venture bundle (1,400 GP).

Shop Update 12 - Valkyrie Venture Bundle

The Valkyrie Venture bundle includes the Valkyrie emblem and Morrigan coating (for all ship classes), plus the Fury pattern (Jupiter Arms Corvettes only).

The Valkyrie Venture was humanity’s first major step beyond Federal Earth. Facilitated by the Transhumans, it built Mars and Venus into entirely new, livable worlds: Troja and Enyo. Items in this bundle are rooted in optimism and a fervent pride for these two Home Planets.

Hell hath no fury.

The brazen Fury pattern (400 GP) and the ominous Morrigan coating (200 GP)—both included in the Valkyrie Venture bundle—are designed to intimidate rookies and veterans alike.

Project Fury was the first phase of the Valkyrie Venture, Federal Earth’s initiative dedicated to creating new habitable worlds—which ultimately gave rise to the nation of Troja. Members of the Trojan navy wore the Fury pattern as a symbol of intense pride for their home planet during the Great Solar War.

The Morrigan coating is a tribute an operation of the same name. Project Morrigan, the second mission of the Valkyrie Venture, was responsible for founding the nation of Enyo on Venus. Named after a Celtic goddess of sovereignty and fate, the Morrigan coating was commonly worn by a pro-Enyoan group of political assassins during the war. If a ship with this dark, crow-inspired paint job appears on the battlefield, tread lightly.


Cut bravely through battles with the triumphant “V” of the Valkyrie emblem for 50 GP.

Shop Update 12 - Victory Emblem

The Valkyrie emblem was a common sight on the ships of the original Valkyrie Venture fleets in the early 2200s. Vessels that display this classic symbol command a strong level of respect among captains who value the past.


Outfit any of your ships with the Viking emblem (200 GP for the collection), a historical symbol of courage and bravery.

Shop Update 12 - Viking Emblem

This sword-bearing statue takes its name from the Viking Venture, humanity’s Transhuman-led expansion into the outer Solar System. It’s crafted to give any vessel an aura of courage and the confidence to delve into the darkness of space.