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New Feature: Custom Matches

Choose from a suite of custom settings and invite your friends (or enemies) to a private battle where you make the rules! Custom Matches allows players to set match parameters such as map, game mode, team size, and AI slot fill in a game of Dreadnought. Only their invited friends, and their friend’s friends, have access to this lobby. The Host can kick or move players as they deem appropriate.

PS4 Custom Matches Advanced Settings

Custom Match lobbies have voice chat enabled, allowing easy coordination with fellow players. Be careful when talking strategy though, as everyone in the pre-game lobby will hear you regardless of their team.

PS4 Custom Matches Lobby Full Teams

Matches can be configured using Recruit, Veteran, or Legendary fleets, but every player in the lobby must have at least one ship in that fleet for the game to launch. Matches can also be started with un-even teams if you like! Keep in mind no Trophies, Career Progression, player stats, or XP/Credits are earned when playing a Custom Match. Test out new loadouts, have a laid-back game with friends, come up with your own custom rulesets, or pit your squad against rivals!


  • Fixed multiple crashing and freezing issues

  • Improved various localized text strings

  • Resolved an issue where players were sometimes required to Ready Up twice in Orbit

  • Fixed an issue that caused pop-ups to appear inconsistently if more than one was triggered at a time

  • Resolved an issue where the Friends List would not populate correctly

  • Resolved a UI issue that would cause ‘Change Ships’ not to function unless the player returned to the Hangar

  • Fixed an inconsistency that would sometimes prevent players from entering Havoc matchmaking

  • Resolved an issue where “pulse” abilities (e.g. Armorbooster Pulse) would incorrectly remain active for its remaining duration when hit with a “disruption” ability (e.g. Disruptor Missile)

  • Fixed an issue with the Tutorial cutscene that would sometimes cause all audio to stop if the player disconnected

  • Resolved an issue where viewing multiple ships in the Hangar would only view the first selected ship

  • Fixed various unresponsive lag windows when viewing multiple screens within the Hangar

  • Resolved an inconsistency where the module Weaponbreaker Torpedo V had a higher max damage than Heavy Torpedo V

  • Fixed an issue where using certain VFX-heavy modules would reduce framerate

  • Resolved an issue on Elysium where the Command Ship would get stuck when playing Onslaught

  • Resolved an issue where players would sometimes be unable to select a new ship during Wave 4 of Havoc mode

  • Resolved an issue where idle players would sometimes appear invisible in the Orbit screen

  • Fixed an issue where players were able to Blink Warp outside of bounds on Kappa Base

  • Resolved an issue where leaving a Squad would sometimes cause the Friends List to become unresponsive