For Oberon the manufacturing process is more creative than technical - more mystical than scientific - sparking ingenuity that leads to truly wondrous spacecrafts. The inspiration of their design originates from reverse engineering acquired Transhuman technology, establishing an otherworldly appearance. The form of the ships is fluid and resembles creatures and plants from Earth’s environment, similar to oceanic animals, insects and other chitinous creatures. Combining the form with the unusual metal like shell material of the ships creates the ethereal design of the Transhumans technology.

As this manufacturer delved into more research of the Transhuman tech, they became mesmerized by the sheer magnitude of complication discovered. Although their understanding of the tech is minimal, they are able to create some of the most compelling spacecrafts in the Solar System. The tech is a mixture of Transhuman technology and 21st-century contemporary design and these innovations are driven by a mixture of faith from before and fear during the Great Solar War.

Oberon Pilot House

The pilot house is the nexus of the ship - the nucleus of activity and command. It is where the captain, navigation crew and essential command personnel navigate and strategize during battle. The pilot house is located at the center of the lateral axis of Oberon vessels, allowing those inside a commanding view of their surroundings. The windows mimic the curved forms of the ship and have an ocean blue tint to emphasize the intellect that is pursued to fabricate these ships. Large windows present throughout the designs of other manufacturers, are wholly absent from Oberon’s schematics. Instead, these ships utilize advanced scanning technology in place of visual reference when in combat to avoid any human error. There are small vessel windows throughout the pilot house, but more for aesthetic purposes than purely function.

Oberon Missile Repeater

In keeping with the stylistic design of Oberon, the weapons show the innovation and tactical advantage of technological advancement. A good example is the Missile Repeater Transhuman tech located on most front-line ships. The Missile Repeater targeting computer fires medium-range fragmenting missiles at the selected enemy, but will seek new foes nearby if the original is destroyed. This advanced homing algorithm ensures no ordinance is wasted. Although such tech remains largely outside of humanity’s grasp, Oberon’s employees do their best to incorporate whatever knowledge they can glean from the lost Transhumans into their designs.

Oberon Panel Lines

Oberon panel lines follow the contours of the ship and break up the shell to create functional segments of the ship. Some of the panels fold back to reveal weapons and others provide structural protection for battling the Transhumans when they inevitably return to reclaim their technology.  Additional needed accessories for the ship include, intakes, small esoteric panel lines, mechanical punch-ins, vent slits, emissives, windows, or small blister nodes.The inner skeleton is more densely detailed than the outer shell, giving a sophisticated and commercial feel.

Oberon Thrusters

The thrusters on an Oberon ship resemble the the arms or web of the elegant cuttlefish and open and close to optimize the power needed, the way a squid would to control their movement through the water. The ship is littered in smaller thrusters, which give off an unnatural green hue due to their advanced grav dampeners and have a V or Y-shape to maintain stability. The technological advancement of these thrusters produce a ship that has the upper hand in maneuverability over more clumsy opponents. The green color of their emissions has been embraced by Oberon as company symbols of nature and new development.


Oberon accommodates for anyone who wants their ships but they heavily lend their designs to the Enyo nation. There the manufacturer enjoys a fair amount of latitude in acquiring, studying, and experimenting with Transhuman artifacts accumulated after the Great Solar War.

The Enyoans believe that holding a position of power is taking on a sacred trust. To them, leadership is a matter of faith - whether that leadership is governmental, military, or spiritual. Equally repelled by Federal Earth’s inequities and Troja’s might-makes-right attitude, Enyoans are determined to foster a culture of transparency, moral accountability, and spiritual enlightenment.  While the adaptations of the Transhuman tech may be undesirable to the other nations, outlaws of the elusive Scum Belt couldn’t care less and are glad to have such advanced technology at their fingertips.

Only through reverse-engineering the technology of Transhumans can the human race gain the knowledge needed combat this otherworldly threat should it return.