Captains, we appreciate your patience with us over the past month during our hardware maintenance and extended downtime for both PC & PS4. As a thank you, we will be offering two stages of compensation. Please see below the details.

Week of 3/25/19: We will be granting 2 weeks of Elite Status to any players on either PC & PS4 that had active Elite Status during our extended downtime and maintenance. Players will see their Elite Status granted to their account this week.

Additionally, all players that have logged in and played Dreadnought on either PC or PS4 between 2/1/19 & 3/19/19 will be granted 1 week of Elite Status and 100K Credits. This compensation will be granted in the near future. Stay tuned to the official Dreadnought Twitter for up-to-date information on when this compensation is rolled-out: