V-Day Promo Image 2018

Take a break from the heat of battle. It’s time to focus on “heals” and heart—and perhaps show it with a fiery-red or electric-pink item from the market. Get any of the below items for 25% off—from now until Friday, February 16th at 2:00 pm!


Dare to be seen—everywhere. Now you can get this loud, electric pink for 25% off the normal price.

Bun Bun Coating Collection - PC

These colors are affiliated with the Bun Bun cargo cult, a fringe organization that evolved from an isolated group of Martian settlers.


Display the mark of a famously fuzzy creature—for 25% less GP.

Bun Bun Decal Collection - PC

This unusual decal isn’t a mark of membership; some outlaws simply wear it as an unconventional badge of ferocity.


Bear the mark of the fiery, fabled bird: get the new Phoenix Red decal collection for 25% off!

Newer captains often display a crimson phoenix soon after they arrive at Sinley Bay. Many see it as a chance to start over and correct past mistakes—or even forget them entirely.

The Phoenix Red decal item is also available for 25% off outside of a collection.

*Note: purchasing a vanity item on one ship makes it available on all ships of the same size and class. For example, if you buy an item for a medium Destroyer, you’ll be able to use it on every medium Destroyer that you have unlocked. Collections enable you to use an item on all ships.