The Progression 2.0 patch is coming next week! To everyone who has been waiting on it: thank you for your patience. It’s a huge project that’s been several months in the making. So big, in fact, that we’ve opted to give it a name that better fits its size and scale: the Shipyard Update.

What’s in the Shipyard Update? In addition to a completely redesigned progression system, you can expect to get a glimpse of over 30 new ships, two additional Hero Ships and a diversity of other changes!

More details to come soon—in the meantime, check out a few of the things we have planned below!

DN_CBT_Battle_Caps_Highlands_0000s_0005_Layer 9.jpg

Changes to vanity items in the market

Once the Shipyard Update launches and everyone's currency has been refunded (more about the wipe here), all items in the market will become purchasable for each ship subclass individually. A quick recap of what we mean by “subclass”: a ship class has three subclasses, each of which is specific to a manufacturer (for example, at the moment, all medium Corvettes are made by Oberon). That means that if you buy the Bun Bun's Secret coating for your new Medusa, an Oberon Corvette, you’ll also be able to slap a layer of it onto any other Oberon Corvette—but not Corvettes from other manufacturers.

To accommodate these changes, we have greatly reduced the prices for all cosmetic items. We want you to be able to customize your ship with the items you want, without having to break your bank of GP. In addition, discounted bundles will later become available for players who want to buy an item in all of its subclass options with a single purchase.

By making vanity items apply to a specific subclass, we will also be able to provide more customized, ship-specific items down the road. For example, we could create a turtleback pattern exclusively for the bulky Koschei, or an emblem that complements the smooth, sleek lines of the Vindicta. Please keep in mind that with any Closed Beta bugs may be present, and the team is working hard to resolve any shop inconsistencies that may be present come patch day.


New Hero Ships

The Hero Ships many players have received so far all exist in tier IV of each Manufacturer Tree. In our initial testing, this created some awkward experiences where players with Hero Ships wanted to show off their tier-IV ships, but also wanted to progress with their friends and build up a fleet. It also posed a problem for new players who wanted to play a Hero Ship, but weren’t skilled enough to match up against experienced players in other tier-IV and V ships.

To solve this, we’re adding two new Hero Ships to Founder’s Packs! If you have a Hunter Pack or have received a Fleet Recruitment Pack, you’ll get a tier-II version of the Morningstar, complete with the same cosmetics as well as modified modules. If you own a Mercenary Pack, you’ll get a tier-II version of the Morningstar and the Silesia.

Upcoming Maintenance Window

In order to add these awesome features, we will soon be taking Dreadnought offline for a few days while we backup your accounts and update all our tech with the release of the Shipyard Update. This maintenance window will take the game servers and our website offline for approximately 72 hours. The timeframe for this will begin Wednesday 10 AM CDT, and we will let everyone know on social media how the maintenance is going. Be sure to keep an eye on Twitter for the latest updates on when maintenance is over and the Shipyard Update is playable!

We hope that these updates to the market and Hero Ships—combined with the monumental suite of updates in Progression 2.0—will offer you more opportunities to dominate the skies and show other teams what type of captain you can be.

Maintenance is expected to begin Wednesday 10/26 at 10 AM CDT!

Sean McIntosh

NA Community Manager | The Dreadnought Team