With the account reset progressing as expected, we’d like to share some details about what you can expect on the other side—specifically, the changes we made to the ship Tech Trees and Manufacturer Trees in the game.

Changing the layouts of these trees is not a minor undertaking. However, this account reset is the perfect time to do it, because it allows us to make the transition as smooth as possible and limit the impact it has on you, the players.

As many of you have told us, the layouts of the Manufacturer Trees were not ideal. A lot of players didn’t enjoy having to go down a specific path to get to a subclass they were interested in. Additionally, there were ships of various classes in that path. This meant you had to unlock ships that you might not be a fan of in order to get to the one you wanted.

The layouts of the individual ship Tech Trees have been causing some issues as well. Many players thought that the way modules were unlocked seemed somewhat random and not bound by an easily understandable system.

To address these issues, we have changed the unlock order of items in all ship Tech Trees as well as the progression paths of ships within the Manufacturer Trees.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s being changed:

Ship Tech Trees:

  • The unlock paths are now structured according to individual customization slots (i.e. researching a primary module unlocks a more advanced primary module).

  • Each ship’s default modules are now pre-unlocked (researched) at the top of each customization slot.

  • Officer briefings are still part of Tech Trees, but have been moved to a position where we can evaluate and easily remove them in the future (and transfer them into a dedicated system that’s independent from the ships).

Manufacturer Trees:

  • We simplified tier-to-tier progression by structuring it around ship subclasses.

  • Now you can reach a new subclasses more directly. For example, in the Akula Vektor Manufacturer Tree, you can unlock the Tier-II Nav by fully researching the Tier-I Rurik. Previously, you had to unlock the Rurik and the Tugarin before reaching the Nav.

See the new Manufacturer Trees for yourself below!

Akula Vektor Manufacturer Tree:

Home of the beefiest Tactical Cruisers in the universe.

Jupiter Arms Manufacturer Tree:

This ain't a tree, it's a Jupiter Arms race!

Oberon Manufacturer Tree:

Sleek. Stylish. Shiny. Oberon.

We’ll have more details in the 1.4.1 patch notes, which will be coming out once we complete the account reset.

In the meantime, let us know what you think about the new Manufacturer Trees in this forum thread!