Patch Notes Release 21f

Balance Changes

Armor Stacking:

This has been a problem for a long time for those that coordinate and are able to get to the 95% damage reduction cap very easily for long periods of time.  For this reason, we have changed how damage reduction stacking works so that each percentage of damage reduction reduces the remaining damage instead of adding to the total percentage of damage reduction.

As an example, if you have two damage reduction armor buffs for 80% and 50%, previously this would have meant that it would block 130% of damage. After my changes to cap damage reduction, this would cap at 95%.  With the new changes, the first 80% would be taken off the top, then the next 50% would only block based on the remaining 20% of damage. This would result in an effective reduction percentage of 90%.

Matchmaking Changes:

An issue has come to our attention allowing people to bypass the team balance portion of the servers logic by having high level players wait to queue until just after a match is found for their friends.  This resulted in them late joining during the level load and being automatically placed on the smaller team which in this case was higher level.  To reduce this, and to reduce the number of bots in matches, we have made the following changes.

- Late joining is disabled. Players will no longer be placed into a match that is already in progress.

- Queues now have a grace period when a player is added to them before starting a match even if the minimum number of players has been reached.  This allows for additional players to get into the queue before the match is started and makes it more likely that you can get into a match together if you queue around the same time.  The grace period is starting at 10 seconds, but may be tweaked as necessary.

- Previously we added a multiplier for fleet rating to help balance out players matchmaking ratings when they have differing fleet ratings.  We have now also added Captain level into this equation to help balance by player experience as well. There will likely be more to do here.  Please be vocal if you feel that this isn't working as intended.

- Team size is now dynamic with a max of 8 players and a minimum of 5 players.  This means that depending on the number of players in queue, the match can shrink in size down to 5 to reduce the number of bots that are in your games. For legendary queues, this means there will no longer be any bots, but for lower queues, it will only fill with bots to at least make up teams of 5, if you have 10 or more players, you won’t get any bots. This excludes Proving grounds as that is intended to have bots.

Immelman Maneuver:

Due to many complaints about this module being a bit overpowered, we decided to dig into the numbers.  We found that the damage reduction and active time were the same as Armor Amplifier but the cooldown was significantly lower.  For this reason, we have extended the cooldown of this module to 10s at all tiers.  This should keep it available often but not be spammable the way it was.  We also decided to reduce the amount of damage reduction a little at Tier 5, but instead place that 5% into increased damage to set it apart.  To keep consistency across tiers, we added damage increase of 10% to T3 and increased the damage increase to 15% for T4 to make it consistent and increase incrementally across tiers. 


Anti Nuke Lasers:

Many complained that these are too bright making it hard to see when they are used.  We've taken the brightness down a few notches.  Let us know if this is good or if more needs to be done.

Bug Fixes:


There are two fixes for pulses in this patch.

- Pulses now affect allies even if their shields are up.

- Friendly pulses no longer stop automatic health regen.


- Main gun now does 6000 damage as intended.

Missile Repeaters:

- Fixed an issue with missiles not splitting once they reach the target if the target moved away or if the player died before the split.  Due to the way the module works, the initial missile is a turret in game terms that then fires missiles once it reaches its destination.  Due to this, the turret range was too short to acquire a target, and if the player died it would remove the 'turret'.  We have increased the range on the Turret from 1250 to 3600 and increased the time alive after player death to 10 seconds.

Missiles General:

- Attempting to fix an issue where many missiles do the atomic dance closely around a player if they can't quite turn fast enough to hit.  To help with this, we have added proximity detonation to all status missiles with a small AOE damage to account for the detonation distance.  Proximity is 50m and AOE is 60m.  With our limited capacity to test, we were not able to verify this definitively. Let us know if you continue to see this behavior and we can increase those numbers.