Greetings Captains,

This update includes some balance changes and a few bug fixes as well as an update to Proving Grounds scoring.  We look forward to your feedback on these changes. Be sure to reach out to us on Discord or through feedback on CS ticket bug reports.

Balance Changes:

Siege Mode - Balance Update

Siege mode is still a bit stronger than what we intended, so we are dialing back until we hit a good spot.
     - Proximity Detonation range reduced to 100m.

           - This is down from 150m

     - Reduced damage to 4050/4050/5062/6075/7090 at tiers 1-5 respectively 

           - This is down from 4500/4500/5625/6750/7875

Hell Lasers - Fixed

When missiles were added as targets to anti-nuke lasers, we were trying to make them more useful, but in the process it made anti-missile lasers a pointless option. For this reason, we decided to revert this change so that Anti-Nuke and Anti-Missile lasers have their own specific use.
- Anti Nuke lasers returned to only targeting nukes.

Dreadnought Heavy/Light Torps

Looking at Dreadnought torpedo modules, we discovered that the total damage was exactly the same between the two modules. This gave one torpedo the advantage over the other in all circumstances. We decided to separate the behavior of the two a bit more to make this more of a decision of playstyle. We've made the below changes in support of this.

- Heavy Torps
     - Now fires 2/3/4/4 torpedoes at tiers 2-5 respectively changed from 1/2/3/5.
     - Total Damage is now 9500/14250/19000/22000 at tiers 2-5 from 9500/13000/16500/20000
     - Blast radius is now 400m from 260m

- Light Torps
     - Now fires 6/9/12 at tiers 3-5 respectively from 3/6/12
     - Total damage is now 13200/16650/20400 from 13200/16500/19800
     - Deploys faster at higher tiers.

Oberon Corvette Main Gun Balance.

A major complaint about this weapon is that it's burst fire that changes per tier makes it harder to aim. To improve consistency we changed all tiers to 1 fire per shot and adjusted fire rate to equal the same number of shots per minute.
     - Changed projectiles per shoot to 1/1/1 from 1/3/5
     - Changed weapon cooldown to 0.3/0.2/0.16 from 0.3/0.6/0.8

Corvette - Plasma Turrets

Another concern we noticed is that plasma turret projectiles move so slow that it is unlikely you will hit your target. For this reason we have increased the speed of projectiles and reduced the spread.
     - Changed projectile speeds to 1100m/s at all tiers from 500m/s.
     - Reduced spread min/max to 0.5/1.0 and max is 1.0/2.0.

Proving Grounds Scoring - 

We discovered that with proving grounds being the only real PVE mode, captains were disappointed with how little rewards are given making it a very poor option to earn enough to upgrades ships.  We decided to uncap the scoring and improve rewards.
      - Proving grounds can now earn around 75% of what you can get from a TDM match.


Siege Mode

     - Projectiles that explode on proximity instead of direct hits are no longer invisible.

Market Bundles Tab

     - fixed an issue where decal bundles wouldn't show up unless you filtered them out and back in.