Get ready some some full-auto Artillery Cruiser action and a load of bug fixes!

The maintenance will start on Tuesday, March 6th, at 8:30am CST and last until approximately 7pm CST. During this time we will be updating the PC game build as well as some of our "behind the scenes" structures that will cause the PS4 version to have some down-time as well.


  • Fixed an issue that would make ships appear to be misaligned in the Hangar after viewing any of their modules and clicking on their Tech Tree icon.

  • Fixed multiple issues with AI behaviour:

    • AI may spawn on the wrong side and not with their team.

    • AI will not move or react to match events (e.g. taking fire, getting healed, etc.)

    • AI will not display in the orbit screen.

  • Updated the End of Match screen to properly display the received bonuses from Elite Status for regular and hero ships.

  • Fixed missing translations for the Dreadnought Welcome Bundle.

  • Fixed too short active time Armorbooster Pulse. Tier IV increased by 1 second and V by 9 seconds to match actual effective active time.

  • Fixed cooldown for Jump Drive module by adding 2s cooldown to all tiers; cooldown was not taking charge-up and warp start into account.

  • Fixed charge up time for Jump Drive V module by reducing it by 1s.

  • Fixed an issue that would prevent players from re-joining a game they were recently droppen from.

  • Fixed an issue that would allow a user to still send messages to another player that they just blocked. The blocked player received all messages, but was not able reply nor block the incoming messages unless restarting the client.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause player accounts to experience problems when they had more than 255 friends.

  • Fixed some issues with hitching and stuttering in the hangar.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the new global chat window to not stay closed and pop back up, catching inputs meant for other windows.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause a blocked player to receive a "Player not found" message when trying to contact the players that blocked them.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the Back button to disappear when a player entered a ship's tech tree from the Hangar or the main menu.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause Customer Support button to not work when opened from Esc Menu while in match. 

  • Fixed an issue with the Fenrir bundle which would not display the items being sold in the market.

  • Fixed an issue with missing vanity items provided by the Zaratan, Trident, and Tunmen hero ships.

  • Fixed multiple issues with collisions in different maps.

  • Fixed missing ribbon icons in the statistics page.

  • Fixed an issue with disappearing chat message input bar after sending the first message.

  • Fixed hitching of the game after the last kill of a match and before displaying the Victory or Defeat message.


Destroyer - Light Particle Turrets

  • Zoomed in FOV at 50 degrees (was default - no zoom)
  • Projectile speed increased by 150%
  • Clip size reduced from 18 to 10

DN Patch notes Dev Note

Destroyer Light Particle Cannons have had their projectile speed increased and given a proper aiming zoom in order to make them a viable long range secondary weapon. Clip size reduced to reinforce status as secondary weapon. Our hope is to see players pick this weapon more often than current very low rates, that highly prefer the close range Flak cannons.

Oberon Artillery Cruiser - Primary Weapon

  • Autofire (full auto) enabled
  • Clip sized reduced from 10 to 8
  • Reload time increased from 3s to 3.2s

DN Patch notes Dev Note

Oberon Artillery Cruiser primary weapon had a high RoF but limited to being semi-automatic. This forced players to click-spam in order to achieve near the desired damage output, which was highlighted as frustrating. Firing is now automatic as with most weapons. To balance the increased effective DPS the clip size was reduced and reload time increased slightly.

Flechette Missiles (all classes)

  • Initial speed reduced from 750 to 325
  • Thruster Force increased from 2000 to 4000
  • Rotation Speed increased from 90 to 180

DN Patch notes Dev Note

Continuation of efforts to improve usability and attractiveness of these modules to players. Missiles should now reach mid-range targets in roughly 2/3rds the time as previous version.

Corvette - Weapon Breaker Torpedoes

  • T4 Torpedo damage reduced from 4500 to 3800 (9000 to 7600 total damage)
  • T5 Torpedo damage reduced from 3600 to 2250 (14400 to 9000 total damage)

DN Patch notes Dev Note

The weapon-breaker torpedoes dealt more damage at the same range as the intended high-damage torpedoes, had a shorter cooldown, and of course had the primary debuff. Damage has been reduced to make their DPS notably lower than the damage torpedo (while still doing significant damage); this should reset the balance between players wanting straight high damage, or damage with a debuff.

Evasive Maneuver

  • Changed T5 active time set increased from 2 to 2.5
  • T5 forward force increased from 75000 to 110000
  • T5 lateral forces increased from 42000 and 140000 to 60000 and 200000

DN Patch notes Dev Note

T5 evasive maneuver had same behavior as T4; T5 version should now move player's destroyer roughly 25% further.

Artillery Cruiser - Machine Gun Turrets

  • Decreased Rounds per shot from 3 to 1
  • Increased Magazine capacity from 6 to 18
  • Decreased weapon cooldown from 0.8 to 0.2
  • Increased Spread Base Value from 0.8 to 1.1
  • Increased Spread Max Value from 1.3 to 2

DN Patch notes Dev Note

Burst fire of Artillery Cruisers’ Machine Guns secondary weapon resulted in high penalization of misses and low damage output, giving a very low effectiveness or use among players. The weapon has now been made fully automatic like Tactical Cruiser machine guns making mid-range use more viable, with its spread adjusted to match the new behavior. Effective magazine capacity remains the same (previous value counted the three shots in the burst as being a single round; these are now counted separately)

Destroyer - Rocket Turrets

  • Added proximity explosion for all tiers
  • Explodes on 650 (130m) from enemy
  • Damages on 750 (150m) radius

DN Patch notes Dev Note

The rockets’ slow moving speed and high spread resulted in a poor hit rate at intended medium ranges for any moving target smaller than a Jupiter Arms Destroyer. Rockets are now made to explode within 130m of enemy ships, leading to less spoiled shots due to near misses.