This game update is intended to release on Tuesday April 24th during the scheduled maintenance detailed here.

New Game Mode: Conquest

Conquest is a unique, objective-based game mode that forces captains to think about their environment in a new way. Based on the size of their ship, captains will spread their Influence throughout the map claiming territory for their team and generating score. Control Points on the map can also be captured and held to increase your team's score. The first team to 2,500 points wins!

Each team spawns at opposite ends of the map with a starting amount of territory at their Home Base and a nearby, uncaptured Control Point. Every 10 seconds the percentage of overall territory each team controls is added to their Score. To increase their claim, captains capture Control Points, deny the enemy territory while spreading their own, contest enemy Control Points, and destroy enemy players.

Control Points

Two Control Points, A and B, exist at opposite ends of each map and start in a neutral, uncaptured state. Ships entering the Control Point radius will begin capturing that point for their team. Progress towards the capture can be seen on the minimap and by looking in the direction of the Control Point node. Capture speed varies by ship class, with Corvettes capturing Control Points the fastest and Dreadnoughts the slowest.

Cap that point!

Enemy captains can interrupt the capture progress by entering the Control Point radius. Until no enemy players exist within the radius, progress will be halted and instead begin reducing over time.

Once captured, Control Points add to a team’s territory percentage and become linkable. Players receive Defending points towards their personal Score by remaining near held Control Points and fighting off enemies attempting to capture the point for themselves.


Each ship class (except Corvettes) has a radius of Influence they exert over the map to claim territory for their team, defined by their size. This area of Influence is only calculated from a top-down perspective over the map. Enemy ships who have their Influence overlap will press against one another and negate a portion of their claim.

Dead enemies assert no Influence and players do not affect an enemy team’s Home Base Influence. Players respawn near their Home Base and are given a buff when spawning to defend against immediate attacks.

Hold your territory!


The minimap in Conquest Mode offers important information to the evolving state of the game. Each team’s owned territory is updated in real time, even if no allies are able to see an enemy ship’s position. The white lines between friendly ships, Control Points, and the Home Base represent active links.

Numbers above the multi-colored bar show the percentage of control each team has over the map, while below show each team’s overall Score. The bar represents the same current control percentage additionally the border of the score bar fills every 10 seconds to show when new Score is calculated.


Territory Linking is the heart of Conquest Mode and allows for maximum contribution to a team’s claimed territory. Links can be formed three ways: Ship to Ship, Ship to Control Point, and Ship to Home Base. Control Points will not link with one another. When two allies move close to one another, they will link and their Influence area will become greater. When a Control Point is captured, it will attempt to link with nearby allies.

Links can be severed if an enemy player (Corvettes included) intersects between the two linked points, one of the linked players dies, or a Control Point flips ownership.

New Squad Coloring

Coordinate with your squad faster using their updated in-game appearance! Squad health bars and minimap icons now appear green instead of the standard blue, allowing for better identification in combat.

Lean. Mean. Pristine.... Green.


  • Added 2s cooldown to all Jump Drive module tiers; cooldown was not taking charge-up and warp start into account

  • Reduced charge up of Jump Drive V to match in-game behavior

  • Increased Active Time for DN Armorbooster Pulse IV by 1 second and V by 9 seconds to match actual effective active time

  • Reduced the active time of Evasive Maneuver V by .5 seconds


  • Fixed various crash, performance, and instability issues

  • Resolved an issue where players would sometimes be unable to use Warp modules or move on Dry Dock

  • Improved End of Match screen to properly display all ship parts

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Protean Autoguns III module from being equipped on the Dola

  • Improved the ‘In Range/Ready’ triggers for Razer CHROMA-compatible keyboards

  • Improved network performance when playing on the Dry Dock map

  • Resolved multiple issues with Perimeter modules appearing misaligned on Corvettes and Tactical Cruisers

  • Updated Jump Drive IV module description to match in-game functionality

  • Fixed an issue where toggling shields would cause beam weapons to break their lock

  • Credits pricing corrected on incorrectly expensive Tier V modules. Credits will be refunded to players affected.

  • Improved instances where certain UI elements would overlap when viewing the ESC menu

  • Fixed an issue where some module tooltips would not appear when hovered over