• Reduced the time it takes players to transition from "Match Starting" to the Orbit screen
  • Improved the descriptions of many Hero Ship part names to help differentiate them from one another when editing your loadout
  • Improved localization for French, German, Latin American Spanish, and Polish throughout
  • Improved "In-Range" and "Ready" animations for Razer CHROMA compatible peripherals
  • Updated grammar in the Tutorial
  • Updated a number of market item descriptions


  • Adrenaline Shot now triggers when healing/being healed while below 30% health
  • Introduced a one second global cooldown between switching to primary then secondary weapons and back. Switching weapons happens instantly, this cooldown prevents switching back instantly
  • Normalized the 'Reinforced' Officer Briefing to grant 18% maximum health and increase cooldowns by 20%. Previously, this Officer Briefing granted 12 - 23% depending on ship class and manufacturer.
  • Greatly increased the forward thrust on Evasive Maneuver V when compared to Evasive Maneuver IV
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing two AI of the same name to spawn in Conquest mode
  • Surge Drones should no longer target a full-energy ship when there is a ship with missing energy in range
  • Tractor Beam Pods should now trigger consistently when an enemy is in range or leaves and comes back within range
  • Edited the AI's Tier-II Corvette loadout to no longer include Plasma Turrets IV
  • Machias primary weapon Dual Heavy Autocannons III now does 105 damage per projectile, up from 85
  • Updated Light Flechette line of modules to appropriately display as "in-range" when 4,000m away from your target
  • Resolved an issue that was causing the Command Ship to get stuck on Elysium
  • Tesla Pods now consider shielded enemies valid targets
  • Akula Vektor (Heavy) Tactical Cruiser's healing beam weapon no longer stops enemy ship regeneration


  • Resolved a scoring error that prevented the XP Bonus for having a 'Fully Researched' ship to be applied for all scoring events


  • Improved stability when in the Orbit screen
  • Fixed an issue that was preventing legacy players from logging in *Please ensure you are using the latest launcher*
  • Resolved a crash that would occur when exiting the Hangar
  • Resolved a crash that would occur when transitioning to the End of Match screen


  • Updated multiple module VFX and audio including new visuals for Artillery Cruiser projectiles and Bomb Catapult
  • Fixed the Phoenix hero ship's Stern vanity from clipping into thrusters/stabilizers
  • Improved the Leviathan hero ship's Bridge to properly accept Coatings
  • Improved the scaffolding on Rings of Saturn to prevent Corvettes from getting stuck
  • Light sources have been added to Rings of Saturn for various map decoration lighting
  • Improved the "Lagos - Argon Construction" logo on Kappa Base to appear at all view distances
  • Improved rock textures on Red Sands to appear consistent at all view distances
  • Added animations to the Beam Amplifier V and Stasis Beam V modules
  • Improved clashing geometry in Ixion
  • Improved Figher and Assault Ship animations to prevent "hitching" at certain view distances
  • Updated the contrails VFX of missiles to appropriately follow missile trajectory
  • Improved lighting on Elysium to no longer display artifacting
  • Updated portions of Amirani map geometry to remain fully visible when playing at a low level of detail
  • Fixed an issue that was causing torpedoes and missiles to sometimes remain stuck on enemy ships after making contact
  • Updated camera shake on the Flechette Missiles and Plasma Broadsides modules to reflect the active duration and number of projectiles actually fired