Battle at Ryugu Haven and Ixion under a different light, and check out new improvements to squads, combat and battle rewards. Suit up, take the helm and see what’s new.

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1.9.5? Where are 1.9.2 - 1.9.4?
We’ve decided to skip the version numbers 1.9.2 through 1.9.4 because this update is more than just another 1.9.X version. At the same time, it’s just not quite there yet to be the next big one a.k.a 1.10.0. So we decided to go with a .5 version number for this update to do its content justice.

Features Header!


Two new space map variants are open for battle! Warp into the golden glow of the normally dark Ryugu Haven—and fight under the massive shadow of Saturn at Ixion.

More like Ragu Heaven, amirite :PRyugu Haven often illuminates under the pale glow of the far-off sun. It all depends on how the asteroids align.

Saturn: galactic sunglasses.Battle in the shadow of Saturn. A dramatic dusk can descend on the normally bright and clear Ixion, giving captains new opportunities to hide among its massive tower.


Your weapons are now loaded (with precise stats). Combat damage numbers show you how much damage you do with every shot (or the cumulative damage over a defined attack period). You can adjust the options of this new feature in “Settings.” Select “Game,” then “Combat Numbers.”



A lot of you have suggested that squads should be bigger—and we agree! Squads now support up to four players. And since battles are 8v8, you can now have two complete squads per team.

Bring another Dreadnought to the knife fight.


Now you can jump back into battle, without having to return to the hangar. Once you complete a match, each player will have this option as well. While waiting for other players to requeue, you will also have the chance to reactivate Battle Bonus by spending Credits.

This requeue train has no brakes!

Players who opt not to requeue (or cancel their requeue) will be replaced with new players. However, if too many players decide NOT to requeue, you will automatically be sent back to the hangar.

Note: if you choose to requeue for battle, you must use the same fleet of ships that you used during the previous match.


We’re always working to make the game more fun for everyone by fine-tuning the balance of in-game combat. This time around, that means adjusting (among other things) a few Corvette stats. After listening to player feedback and digging into the data, we have decided to reduce the speed and increase the energy consumption of all Corvettes. We sat down with Torkel and Sam for more details here.

Fly swatting.


    • On Corvette Changes: Corvettes have, in general, been a tricky subject for us. With this update we wanted to give players a better chance to deal with Corvettes as they are closing in (or moving away). Instead of making Corvettes less dangerous when they manage to get up close and personal, we want to make sure that what separates a good and a bad Corvette player is how they manage to approach their enemies.

    • So, we’ve slowed them down a bit. Mainly through slightly reducing the boost when setting energy to engines, but also from how fast the energy drains. We feel that this creates for more interesting choices when it comes to energy management – save up energy for shields or use it to get closer?

    • On general balancing changes: There are a fair few balancing changes in this build – most of them fairly straightforward changes based off of feedback and data.  The biggest change, one that affects all T1 and T2 ships, is an increase of projectile speeds for early tier ships. Our goal is to make sure that it’s roughly equally difficult to hit enemies in the early and the late tiers.

    • We’ve also reduced the range of the Stasis Pulse – the old radius was a bit on the crazy side. Hopefully this means that Stasis Pulses will be used more for close range encounters again.

Autogun Projectile Speed and Distance
  • All Autogun module projectile distance has been standardized to 1800m

  • Projectile Initial Speed increased by 200%

  • Projectile Max Speed increased by 150%

Tier-I and II Weapon Projectile Speeds
  • Primary and Secondary Weapon projectile speeds have been increased by 20% in Tier-I and II.

  • The Akula Vektor Artillery Cruiser has not been updated in this manner.

Stasis Pulse (All tiers and ships)
  • Radius standardized to 1200m


Jupiter Arms Primary Weapons
  • Weapon Maximum Spread reduced by 12%

  • Tier-IV close damage increased from 210 to 220

  • Tier-IV medium/far damage increased from 115 to 132

  • Tier-IV close damage increased from 280 to 294

  • Tier-V medium/far damage increased from 150 to 172

Scattergun Broadsides

Across all tiers...

  • Max Range increased from 2400m to 2800m

  • Projectile Max Distance increased from 600m to 1100m

  • Ability Range increased from 900m to 1100m

  • A bug has been fixed so that the duration of the ability matches the actual duration

Ballistic Broadsides

Across all tiers...

  • Max Range increased from 2400m to 2800m

  • Projectile Max Distance increased from 2800m to 3600m

  • Projectile Initial Speed increased by 45%

  • Tier-IV Cooldown reduced from 10s to 8s

  • Tier-V Cooldown reduced from 8s to 6s

Offensive Lockdown: Tier-V
  • Now drains Energy

  • Active time increased from 15s to 20s

  • Cooldown decreased from 25s to 20s


All Destroyers Light Particle Turrets
  • Tier-IV damage increased from 150 to 300

  • Tier-V damage increased from 175 to 330


Weaponbreaker Torpedo
  • Range increased from 900m to 2400m

Jupiter Arms Tier-II and III
  • Tier-II forward speed reduced by 10%

  • Tier-II forward speed with Thrusters reduced by 13%

  • Tier-III forward speed reduced by 5%

  • Tier-III forward speed with Thrusters reduced by 7%

  • Tier-II and III Thruster energy consumption increased by 15%

Artillery Cruiser

Oberon Primary Weapons
  • Tier-IV close damage increased from 920 to 1196

  • Tier-IV medium/far damage increased from 795 to 1034

  • Tier-V close damage increased from 1150 to 1495

  • Tier-V medium/far damage increased from 1050 to 1365

Mine Catapult
  • Proximity Distance to trigger Mine placement reduced from 500m to 300m

Damage Autobeams
  • Tier-IV Duration increased from 30s to 60s

  • Tier-V Duration increased from 35s to 80s

Tactical Cruiser

Anti-Nuke Lasers
  • Tier-IV Cooldown from 100s to 70s

  • Tier-V Cooldown from 90s to 60s


“Téléportez-vous dans la bataille !” (Warp into battle now!) We’re excited to announce that you can now play Dreadnought in French! Just like in our recent German rollout, all in-game text will be available in French (in-game VO will have subtitles).

Let them eat missiles!


Now the XP and Credits bonus that you get for your first win each day are easily viewable on the end-of-match screen. This bonus is available for each fleet level (Recruit, Veteran and Legendary) that you have unlocked and resets at 12:00 am server time (12:00 am CDT, 7:00 am CET).

The rich get richer.


  • The pre-match orbit screen now more clearly shows the composition of your team and each team member’s ship loadout

  • Battle bonus for Legendary Fleet increased from 150% for XP and 100% for Credits to 250% for XP and to 150% for credits

  • Improved AI targeting, module use, and behavior in different game modes

  • AI will now replace player slots mid-match if they do not re-join


Hero Ship with the giant head of some...creature? Check. New, clean coating and sleek, retro shades? Check...and check. Take your pick from this update’s diverse selection of outlaw market items!


Named for a fierce, dragon-like beast, the Zilant is an enduring symbol of the front lines. You can tame it for just 1,000 GP!

Open wide!

The original Zilant was a steadfast guardian of Io’s Dry Dock during the Pan-Colonial Fleet’s struggle to control the Jovian system. While Dry Dock’s glory eventually faded under the attacks, the legacy of this Akula Vektor Dreadnought remains.

Make them fear you.


Upgrade your standard steel: deck your ship in the snow-capped white of the Bastet coating for 400 GP!

So fresh and so clean.

After the fall of Dry Dock, the surviving PCF regiments painted their ships white in memory of their comrades of the 21st Bastat regiment—a.k.a. the “Bloody Bastets”—who had sacrificed themselves to allow for a partial evacuation of the massive outpost.

As the war dragged on, “Bastet white” gradually became a symbol of rebellion. It was primarily worn to aggravate the pencil-pushers back on the Home Planets who controlled the fate of the frontline fighters; it was a silent protest against the senselessness of the continuing bloodshed.


Although nearly a century old, you can still find these shipbuilding goggles for sale in almost any outpost’s market. They’re priced like it too: pick up this trusty tech relic for only 100 GP.

DN PC Shop Update 19 Laser Blocker Female

DN PC Shop Update 19 Laser Blockers Male

Laser Blockers were first developed in Sobek in 2355 CE, and began to inundate the shipyards of Io’s Dry Dock soon after. Some captains wear them for their rugged design; others take pride in their connection to the golden age of the Great Solar War.



  • Fixed multiple crash and instability issues

  • Resolved an issue where the selected resolution was not always applied

  • Fixed multiple issues surrounding selected resolutions with “Ultra HD Mode” or when closing and relaunching the game

  • Reworked map pool for Proving Grounds to improve new player experience


  • Resolved an issue where, when not using a full fleet, the player would receive less XP than intended


  • Improved geometry on Elysium to prevent players getting stuck in/under things

  • Fixed an issue where kills with the Interceptors module would not count towards kill count or XP gained

  • Resolved an issue where players would sometimes be unable to late join after being kicked from Orbit

  • Fixed an error where players would not be able to select their same fleet when attempting to re-join

  • Resolved multiple areas within Rings of Saturn where players were able to get stuck or inappropriately fly into

  • Improved Anti-Nuke Missile Lasers target priority to focus on incoming nukes, instead of all missile types

  • Fixed an issue where the Tutorial would start with more enemy ships than intended

  • Fixed an issue where the Scattergun Broadside module would have a cast time longer than the module is active

  • Improved Jackal Torpedos targeting to hit their target with more accuracy


  • Resolved an issue where Primary and Secondary Weapons were not visible on the captain card when in Orbit

  • Improved UI layering when viewing vanity items in the Hangar

  • Resolved an issue in the Tutorial where ghost missiles would display as targeting you

  • Fixed an issue with BIx and his subtitles displaying correctly in the Tutorial


  • Fixed an issue where “Low” and “Medium” graphical preses would distort areas of Elysium

  • Improved texture load times on Kappa Base

  • Improved visual silhouette of Wasp Decal when paired with the Wasp Coating

  • Improved camera angle when viewing Emblems on Oberon Artillery Cruisers

  • Resolved module placements being incorrect on the Valcour


  • Improved German localization text and corrected inconsistencies throughout the game