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Open beta on PC has arrived, which means the battlefields of the Solar System are now instantly accessible to all captains!

Thanks to everyone who participated throughout all of the testing phases to help us reach this massive milestone! We just released our latest game update, which includes a brand-new map, Ixion, plus variations of Rings of Saturn and Red Sands. For more details, check out our 1.6.0 game update article.

If you haven’t already, sign up to play now—and check out our cinematic open beta trailer below!

Dreadnought is a class-based action game that puts you in command of massive capital ships and at the center of tactical, team-based battles. You are a mercenary captain who commands million-ton vessels in pursuit of fame, fortune—and glory.

If one thing’s for certain in the life of an outlaw captain, it’s that you can never be too prepared. Before you charge into the heat of battle, check out these gameplay guides that cover topics like controls, basic strategies, progression and more.


There’s a range of customizable ships—over 50 spread across 5 classes. Each class has a specialized design that offers a unique set of strengths. Are you the type of captain that likes to charge into the fray, or do you prefer to pick off enemies from the shadows? Get an idea of the types of vessels you’d like to command by taking a look at our ships page.


Want to know more? Visit our community page to learn from other players in the forums and stay up-to-date on the latest news!