The PS4™ closed beta patch is live, and it brings some big updates along with it: a PS4 timed exclusive game mode, two new maps and more!

If you haven’t already, sign up for the closed beta for a chance to see what’s new on PS4—from the helm of your favorite ship!

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Havoc is a PS4 timed exclusive, cooperative game mode that’s about one thing: survival. It pits you and two teammates against increasingly difficult waves of enemy ships. However, these aren’t just any vessels looking for a fight. They’re commanded by the Dead Horde, a ruthless faction of criminals and ex-navy officers. Sent by the nation of Troja into the depths of the Scum Belt, the Dead Horde's mission is to destroy the region’s navigation beacons, or Okeanides—and they’ll fire on any ship that gets in their way. Your ability to work with your team and adapt to changing threats determines how long you can withstand their relentless assault.

Rather than bringing your own fleet of ships to fight the Dead Horde, you and your team choose from a selection of preconfigured vessels every few rounds and upgrade them over time. For example, before a new wave, you can enhance your ship’s weapons, health or speed—or switch to an entirely new loadout.

Are you ready to face off against the menacing Dead Horde? Enter the depths of the two new PS4 maps, Hekate and Xanthe, to find out!


Accelerate your path to fame and fortune! Besides guaranteed access to the closed beta, PS4 Founder’s Packs offer uniquely styled Hero Ships (legendary vessels with preconfigured loadouts from the Great Solar War), plus special perks and ship vanity items.


In addition to Havoc Mode, the closed beta patch is also bringing a ton of other content to PS4, including:

  • New to PS4: Team Elimination game mode

  • New to PS4: Dry Dock and Red Sands maps

  • Exclusive to PS4: a new Hero Ship - the Junkyard Prince. Unlock it by playing a Havoc match!

  • Added to the hangar: friends and squads menus

Last, but not least: a lot of players in the closed beta have been asking for an “invert” option for the right control stick. Well, we’ve been listening—now you can find it in the controls menu!

For a complete list of changes, take a look at our full PS4 closed beta patch notes. And to stay up-to-date on everything happening with Dreadnought on PS4, check out our dedicated PS4 forum thread!




  • Fixed multiple issues with camera transitions when zooming in on enemies
  • Fixed an issue with the opening credits that would present a black screen 
  • Fixed an issue where late-joining a match would display debug text on-screen 
  • Updated the EU Privacy Policy to better reflect the region 
  • Resolved an issue where pop-ups would interfere with the opening cinematic
  • Resolved an issue where players would sometimes remain in the Hangar after MATCH FOUND is displayed on the matchmaker


  • Fixed an issue where locked fleets could still enter Training Matches
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes reserve for a match but not join it
  • Resolved an issue with the Tesla Coil Pod module not being visible beyond 1000 meters
  • Fixed an issue that would cause the user to lose their reticle when navigating the energy wheel
  • Resolved an issue where the reticle and HUD would become disabled when pressing the Options button
  • Added boundary warnings to the Tutorial map
  • Fixed an issue where the Simargl Dreadnought was not researchable
  • Fixed an issue where ship vanity would not be properly equipped after equipping it
  • Fixed an issue where the cost of the Machine Gun Turrets IV module was listed as 0 Credits
  • Resolved a discrepancy with the XP cost of the Energy Generator V module
  • Resolved an inconsistency that caused the Tier IV Vindicta to be 0 Credits 

  • Fixed an issue with the captain creator that would cause the game to lag after selecting a customization option
  • Resolved an issue where late-joining a match would reduce map quality
  • Resolved multiple issues with the Hangar and Tutorial that would lead to a crash
  • Resolved an issue where Slow HDD mode would sometimes result in a crash

  • Fixed an issue where players would spawn with the incorrect HUD when joining a match already in progress
  • Fixed an issue where an errant mouse cursor would be visible after equipping captain vanity items
  • Fixed an issue where text would appear cut-off and truncated when viewing the Market screen
  • Fixed a scaling issue with Officer Briefing and module icons in the Hangar
  • Fixed an issue where long strings of text would not be fully visible when viewing module descriptions
  • Fixed an issue where Enemy and Ally names would not be the correct color on the kill ticker in-game
  • Fixed an issue with the UI when scrolling through ships to add to your fleet in the Hangar 
  • Fixed an issue where players would see the “Press X to Skip” prompt during character creation
  • Fixed an issue where the top menu would sometimes disappear after accepting the EULA
  • Fixed an issue with multiple ship names appearing incorrect on in their tech tree
  • Resolved an issue where the Privacy Policy and EULA could not be scrolled up or down when holding directional buttons
  • Resolved an issue with the Character Creation UI breaking after a player disconnected
  • Resolved an issue where new users would sometimes be called “display_name”


  • Fixed an issue in the market where Appearance Bundles would repeat


  • Fixed an issue where SFX would not be present when toggling through the Dashboard