Added ‘Quick Play’ to the main menu, which queues players directly into their last selected game mode using their last selected Fleet.

Updated all module icons to be more visually distinct and intuitive.

Rotating around your ship in the hangar now temporarily hides the UI.


Global Change: Standardized the duration of the Drain status effect, which stops energy from regenerating on the target, to 10 seconds across all Drain modules. This change is independent of any changes to the actual energy removal of any given module.

Drain Drone (Tactical Cruiser): The energy drained by the drone has increased from 4.2/second to 6.5/second at tier 4, and from 9.8/second to 14/second at tier 5.

Drain Missile (Artillery Cruiser): Reduced energy reduction per missile by 15 at tier 2, and by 10 at tiers 3 and 4. The resulting total energy drained should be 35 at tier 2, 60 at tier 3, 80 at tier 4, and remains 125 at tier 5.

Drain Pulse (Destroyer): Reduced energy reduction from 100 to 65 at tier 4 and from 125 to 85 at tier 5.

Drain Torpedo (Corvette): Reduced energy drained from 65 to 45 at tier 2, from 80 to 55 at tier 3, from 100 to 70 at tier 4, and from 125 to 85 at tier 5.

Drain Torpedo (Destroyer): Slightly increased the cooldown and a significantly increased the damage of this module across all ability tiers. The Drain component should also be equal to the Corvette version of the ability, with energy drained reduced from 65 to 45 at tier 2, from 80 to 55 at tier 3, from 100 to 70 at tier 4, and from 125 to 85 at tier 5.

Energy Generator (Destroyer and Tactical Cruiser): Normalized the total amount of energy granted by this module. The module now provides about 14 energy per second at all tiers, and the duration and cooldown of the two versions have been standardized.

Nuclear Missile (Dreadnought): The effect radius and damage of this module have been increased.

Offensive Lockdown (Dreadnought): This module's functionality has been standardized across all tiers. The module now increases rate of fire by 30%, reduced reload time by 50%, and increases damage per shot by 20% for 10 seconds at every tier, with cooldowns that vary by tier.

Storm Missiles (Destroyer): Reduced the missile count from 16 to 12 at tier 4 and from 32 to 24 at tier 5.

Triad Pods (Dreadnought): The damage output and the duration of the pods spawned by this module have been increased substantially.

Stasis Pulse (Artillery Cruiser and Dreadnought): Increased pulse radius from 1200 to 1600, decreased Stasis duration from 10s to 6s at tier 4, and from 12s to 8s at tier 5.

Rapid Fire: The module will no longer hold the user in place at tiers 4 and 5, and will remove the user's energy at every tier. In addition, the effects have been standardized across all of its tiers.


  • Alleviated crash and blue-screen related instability issues
  • Improved general stability and log-in connectivity
  • Improved error texts for several connectivity issues
  • Player’s ship now appropriately despawns if they disconnect
  • Improved several vanity item descriptions 
  • Players with Chinese or Russian characters in their password can now log into the launcher
  • Resolved an issue where players were unable to equip modules from previous tiers on their current tier of ship.
  • Improved localization text strings for all languages
  • Re-added ‘Tutorial’ as a selectable game mode for players to play through again
// Playing this mode should resolve the issue of returning players being unable to complete “Answer The Call”
  • Fixed an issue where players would sometimes lose chat functionality when chatting in combination with using the Short Commands Wheel
  • Ships that were not used in Proving Grounds but were in your Fleet should now generate XP rewards.
  • Resolved an issue where “Processing…” would display indefinitely when navigating the Market
  • Improved disruptive audio levels for numerous modules
  • Resolved a visual issue where “Total Credits Reward” would display less Credits than the player actually earned and received
  • Improved distorted graphics/textures for the lava rivers on Amirani
  • Resolved an issue where players were unable to select a new ship from the respawn screen


- As a by-product of our fixes to the reported crashing and blue-screen bugs, the quality of Dreadnought's graphical fidelity may be affected and reduced. We will be resolving in a future update soon.

- The “QuickPlay” button may sometimes disappear if a player ‘resets all settings.’ Relaunching resolves this.

- Rapid Fire module sometimes holds user in place. This should be fixed in a future patch.

- When navigating loadout modules players may get "stuck" and unable to select a module. Backing out of the menu and returning to it resolves this.