Ready your weapons and route power to engines: Dreadnought has officially launched on PS4™! Feel free to warp into battle—and check out what’s new.

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Now it’s even easier to communicate with your team! The much-requested voice chat feature allows for quicker, more streamlined interaction and better strategies in-game. Just plug in your mic and turn on “voice chat” under settings.

Voice chat enables you to talk to different groups, depending on where you are in the game. Use it in the hangar to talk to squad members, or in-match to converse with your team. The end-of-match screen enables you to speak with your team as well as your opponents.

*Please remember: all players who use this feature must adhere to Sony’s voice chat and parental guidelines.


Bask in glory (or at least get something shiny) for meeting specific milestones as an outlaw captain! Earn up to 34 trophies to show your PlayStation® friends what you’ve accomplished in-game. Sure, it’s easy to get “Puttin’ on the Ritz ” (a.k.a. customize your captain’s appearance), but are you up to the challenge of earning all trophies to attain the ultimate status of “Bix’s Right Hand?”


“First Win of the Day” enables you to earn up to three Credits bonuses per day (one for each fleet: Recruit, Veteran and Legendary). So play often—and progress through your tech trees with a little extra speed!


Got the Corvette hunting blues? Make tough targets a little easier to hit with Aim Assist in the game settings menu! This feature is great for new captains, or those who are trying out a different ship for the first time.



We couldn’t have reached this milestone without your support and honest feedback, and we’d like to maintain that open communication with you as we embark on this new journey. With this in mind: there are a few issues with Dreadnought’s live service that we are currently working around-the-clock to resolve, and we want to make sure everyone is aware of them.


We have received a few reports of an issue that causes the game to crash when playing for extended lengths of time. We believe we have a resolution to this and hope to have a hotfix out ASAP. We will post on our social channels [twitter link] and in-game with the details of this brief downtime. Huge shoutout to the captains that have submitted reports and helped us identify a quick solution.


The first is a possible issue with the later waves of Havoc Mode. After wave 12, enemies can stop spawning due to an AI error, causing the match to eventually end. We understand that running into an error after a series of nail-biting, white-knuckle battles is quite frustrating, and we want to give a huge thank you to our incredibly skilled captains who reported this bug. This issue obviously has an impact on our top players, and we are continuing to investigate its cause. If you haven’t had a chance to check out Havoc yet, we highly recommend getting a few waves under your belt and letting us know what you think. Once this (unintended) obstacle is removed, you can use your expertise and set a new personal best!


Official launch also brings a new feature: Twitch Drops, which allow you to earn rewards by watching streamers play Dreadnought. Read the full details of the system here. However, we want to clarify a few points. Currently, the notification system that informs you when you receive a Drop is not always up-to-date. This has no effect on the items actually being added to your inventory—we just don’t always tell you it’s happening. If you ever get the feeling you received a Twitch Drop and didn’t get a notification for it (or are unsure what the reward was), please get in touch with our Customer Service team. We’ll be happy to check for you!


It’s been a fun, crazy beta experience. The entire team is incredibly excited to share Dreadnought with more console players around the world. Expect more awesome game updates as we kick things into development overdrive. January’s patch is set to bring tons of long-requested balance improvements. Beyond that, expect to see custom games—a feature that allows you to set up matches with your friends in private, no-holds-barred arenas. And even further down the line, you can expect a huge content patch full of feedback-focused features like an overhaul to the module UI, a redesigned game reticle HUD as well as an improved tech tree progression experience that gives you more freedom when unlocking items. We may have just launched on PS4™—but it’s really just the beginning. See you on the battlefield! 


PS4™ launch also brings tons of new content to the market. Here’s just a taste of what Sinley Bay has to offer!


Named after a monkey deity from Hindu mythology, the Hanuman is known for its strength and tenacity on the battlefield. Take the helm of one of these legendary vessels for 1,500 GP!


Protect yourself from the elements with thermal outerwear for 500 GP—and command your fleet with cold hands no more.



  • Fixed an issue where the player’s Elite Status bonus amount was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where Intercept IV module broke gameplay
  • Map loading screens now function as intended
  • Improved map collision
  • Players can no longer get stuck at the kill recap screen


  • Control functionality and stability has been improved
  • Fixed an issue that caused music and sound effects to disappear during the Tutorial
  • Fixed an issue where Interceptors module kills didn’t increase player kill count and XP
  • The Players Met function has been fixed and now functions as intended


  • Improved UI functionality and stability across multiple menus
  • Corrected UI/menu/HUD text across all supported languages
  • Scaled text to function as intended for 4K resolutions
  • Fixed an issue where unpaid maintenance affected squads
  • Tier V UI color has been fixed
  • Modules now appear on the orbit and respawn screens
  • Decal preview is no longer zoomed in and appears as intended


  • Improved menu functionality and stability
  • Improved optimization and framerates
  • Fixed multiple soft and hard crashes

We hope you like this update and are looking forward to your feedback. Please leave it in the >dedicated feedback thread in the EN forum<.