Challenge yourself—and enter to win prizes!

PS4 Havocalypse News

The Havoc Mode Charity Challenge has concluded and now it is up to you to prove your prowess in the PS4 Havocalypse event! Can you beat the streamers' Wave 8 run?

From now until the 24th of December, you and your two Havoc teammates can win daily prizes and maybe even take home the grand prize!.

This is how you participate:

  • Play the PS4 Havoc Mode and try to get as far as possible

  • Using the PS4’s sharing features, make a short video clip of your end of match screen, showing your Havoc results and the scoreboard (so we know the names of your teammates)


  • Capture your end of match screen with the result and the scoreboard with your phone
  • Share the clip publicly on Facebook or Twitter with the hashtag #DNHavoc


  • Daily: among all participants of the day, we’ll randomly pick one team and all three team members will receive a Fleet Recruitment Pack (including PCF Morningstar, PCF Silesia, 250GP, Fleet Recruitment Pack emblem and decal)

  • Grand Prize: among all participants of the Havocalypse event, we’ll randomly pick one team once the event concludes and all three team members will receive a Dreadnought poster, signed by the development team, and a Mercenary Pack (30 days Elite Status, 3,500GP, 25,000 Credits, Mercenary Pack decal, emblem and coating + Hero Ships: PCF Silesia, PCF Morning Star, Outis, Huscarl, Kali + 2 Fleet Recruitment Packs to give to your friends)

Recruit two other captains, team up and show us your skill in the PS4 Havocalpyse!

Share your best strategies to beat the Havoc Mode and let us know what you think in the Forum.