The gritty, monstrous Leviathan Hero Ship—along with a diversity of other items—are now available in the market on PS4™! Take a look...and see what brings out your inner fighting spirit.


Brave battles in the Leviathan, or equip your ships with a range of bronze, battle-worn Spartan Legion items:

  • Spartan Legion coating & collection

  • Spartan Legion emblem & collection

  • Spartan Legion White decal & collection

  • Spartan Legion Black decal & collection

  • Spartan Legion Colored decal & collection


Not into the traditional warrior code? Flaunt your wild, freebooter pride with something a little less conventional:

  • Smuggler Cartel bundle

  • Smuggler Cartel outfit

  • Valmont coating & collection

  • Laser Shades

  • Bandana