Due to unforeseen development delays and acts of nature, the PlayStation 4 update that we had initially targeted for mid-September is being pushed back and combined with our next scheduled update for late October. Hurricanes Harvey and Irma landed square in the path of our Six Foot office in Houston and partners at Iron Galaxy in Orlando which impacted both development and QA efforts for this update.

Our studios and staff were very fortunate to suffer little serious damage in the storms but as we begin picking up the pieces, we have had to reassess our overall project schedule in order to meet our long-term goals. Because of the delays, we were faced with two major releases lining up back to back. We simply couldn't tackle this, it would have been too big of a strain on resources and put the game’s quality in jeopardy. So something had to give. We made the decision to combine our releases and provide you with a massive update as quickly as possible rather than have two late submissions that would have ultimately pushed content and features even further out.

But why not submit now and get the update out? Well, we lost a lot of time. Time we now need to make sure our next big October update is ready to release which has some features we just aren’t willing to push out any further. This next patch has A LOT in it, including the much-needed Battle Bonus system replacing the current Maintenance system. Instead of having to pay Credits to use your fleets after a loss, you will be given a substantial bonus to Credits and XP every few matches. You can play your same fleet no matter what. We’ve already seen this more positive system have a fantastic impact on PC and the feedback we are getting is amazing. 

The new (and very much improved) Onboarding system similarly polishes areas of Dreadnought we feel are vital, by introducing Contracts and Career Progression challenges for you to tackle. That system will keep more folks around for you to play with, improving the quality of the matches you get. The more time we spend getting out the prior update intended for September, the less time we have to make sure this next one is awesome (or more likely, the later it would subsequently push out past October).

As mentioned in the Dev Roadmap, our ultimate goal is to have parity on the PC and PS4 versions of Dreadnought, where game updates happen near simultaneously. We are making significant progress towards this, but it is a lengthy process that requires a lot of coordination from a lot of dev teams. Getting the crucial update of Battle Bonus and Onboarding (and tons of other awesome stuff coming next patch we will reveal more of later) to PS4 is paramount to this goal.

We will still take a brief downtime on PS4 this week with a server-side update to reduce maintenance costs that we had planned as part of this delayed game update.

Thank you for your continued support, understanding, and patience. It's never easy making the decision to delay an update, but we feel it is the right decision in the short term given our ultimate goal of having Battle Bonus come to PS4 and greatly reducing the platform delay from PC as soon as possible. We hope you will understand our decision. We will have more info on the rest of the features you can expect in this next October update soon. Be sure to follow our Twitter and Facebook accounts for the very latest!

  • The Dreadnought Team