The PS4™ open beta will arrive on August 1st! Like threading a Corvette through a wall of Dreadnoughts, it’s a little scary—but mostly fun. We’re excited to open Dreadnought’s battlefields to all captains, and we hope you are too.



A large part of the open beta is geared toward providing you with more content and choices. To that end, we’re launching 8 maps on PS4! Of these 8, two are coming to PS4 first: the map variants of Ixion and Ryugu Haven (“variants” are existing maps that can have different lighting, objects and environmental effects). You can get a preview of these new maps below!

We’re also adding 6 maps that are currently part of the Dreadnought universe. These include 4 battlegrounds that have been available throughout the closed beta, plus the original versions of Ixion and Ryugu Haven.


Ryugu Haven is a gritty outlaw maining base hidden deep within the asteroids of the Scum Belt. The new map variant fills its dark skies with an amber glow.

In addition to 8 battlegrounds, we have tons of stuff coming with the launch of open beta, including new ships, features and improvements. We can’t provide specifics just yet...but stay tuned!


We know it’s been a while since our last PS4 game update. But we wanted you to know that we’ve been listening to your feedback throughout the closed beta, and that you’ve helped us improve every aspect of the game.

For example, you let us know about the wait times you experienced while matchmaking. We’ve made some adjustments that have shortened the average queue times—however, we still have room to improve even more. We’ve also heard that some of the menus can be difficult to read. We’re working on improving this issue by streamlining the UI, adjusting font sizes and adding scrolling functionality to give you a little more breathing room.

Of course, like any closed beta, we’ve had a few bugs. Thanks to your help, we’ve been hard at work fixing them. Now stability should be greatly improved, and some oddities like ships warping in twice during a match have been resolved.


So, what can you expect beyond the launch of open beta? We can’t paint a complete picture, but there is tons of stuff to look forward to.

During open beta, we’ll be introducing Onslaught to PS4, a game mode that pits 2 player teams against one another, while also throwing AI-controlled vessels into the mix. We’ll also be revamping the entire onboarding experience with a new story and introduction, adding more social features (voice chat...eventually), and launching a “contracts” system that will reward you for your hard work in battle.

I'm also excited about the work our design team is doing right now on overhauling the maintenance system. We've been listening to your feedback, so rest assured, this aspect of the game will improve!

That about does it in terms of what’s coming in open beta—and much farther down the line. I hope you’re ready to battle on some brand-new battlegrounds. In the meantime, let us know what you think in the forums and get ready to take the helm on August 1st!

Chris Owen | Senior Producer - Console