Custom Matches

  • Custom Matches are now available on PS4

    • You should be able to invite players from your PSN friends list even if they are outside the game at the time of invite.


  • Goliath and Scylla are now considered nukes and will be targeted by ANL

  • Fixed Tartarus missile to apply the correct debuff at all tiers.

  • Updated nuke blast radius in tooltips

  • Changed swap weapon global cooldown functionality to be more reliable. 

    • It now checks 1 second cooldown from your last switch when switching instead of the previous more complex formula

    • Please let RayDog know how this is working for you after the update


  • Changed matchmaking so that if a squad is in the queue, the opposing team has at least that many players.


  • Resized elements on the statistics screen to fix cut off values.


  • Removed bright glowing light in the middle of Amirani.


  • The Tengshe Hero Ship is now available.

    • Flagship of Admiral David Song, pirate turned hero of the Great Solar War who went on to rule New Singapore on Callisto as the Smuggler King, transforming it from a backwater outpost into one of the most vibrant colonies in the outer Solar System. Embodying both Song’s nobility and viciousness, the Tengshe is a feared presence on the battlefield.

    • This is a T4 Dreadnought with heavy mortars as a secondary weapons, featuring bombers, triad pods, anti missile lasers, and endurance mode as modules.

  • The Dragonhead Outfit is now available

    • The opulent attire of the bosses of the Dragonhead Clan. Based in the colony of New Singapore on Callisto, the Dragonhead Clan controls nearly all trade, legal and otherwise, in the Jovian System.

XP Bonus Weekend

  • XP and Credits Boost will be Live from the Thursday 8/19 update through 2 AM CT Wednesday 8/25

    • XP and Credits during the boost event have been increased for Turbo Mode based on feedback from the last event.