Fleet Flagship

You can now set the flagship for each fleet tier. This will use the first loadout of the selected ship for now.

  • Your flagship is the default ship that will load at the start of a match unless you select another ship.

  • You can set each flagship from the Manage Fleet option after you hit Play.

    • Click on a ship tile to access the Set Flagship option

    • Your selected flagship will display the flag below

Conquest on PS4

Conquest can now be played on PS4!

Scoring and Leaderboards

Scores for more game modes will now be recorded in preparation for having more leaderboards. 

  • Viewing leaderboards will be implemented in a future update.

Balance Changes

Artillery Cruiser Range

  • Reduced T5 Heavy Artillery Cruiser range from 8500M to 8000M

  • Normalized Medium Artillery Cruiser range to 7000M at all tiers.

  • Changed max travel distance to be slightly longer than range to combat the instance where the reticule would change but the projectile would not reach the target.

Rocket Turrets

  • Increased Projectile speed of rocket turrets

Light Rocket Turrets

  • Increase damage and projectile speed

  • T4 damage from 150 to 210 per projectile

  • T5 damage from 180 to 245 per projectile

  • Projectile speed increased by 50%

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Kinetic Weapon amp so that it now increases damage when taking damage.

  • Fixed Elysium moon so it's not cut off on two sides.

  • Fixed PS4 ship upgrade and xp conversion popups so they can both be closed correctly. 

    • This was difficult to test internally so let us know if any issues still occur

New Vanity Items

The Metal Goblin Figurehead, Decal, and Coating added for the Halloween season