New Features:

Login Streak Rewards 

You will now receive daily rewards based on how often you are playing Dreadnought.

- Rewards for logging in starting the second day get 200 Free XP and 200 Credits, then an additional 200 per day up to 1000 at 6 days. 

- The reward on every seventh day will be 10 gp. 

- As long as you continue to play every day, you will get 1000 free xp and 1000 credits every day and 10 GP every 7th day.

- If you miss a day then your count starts over with 200 on the second day as you build back up to 1000.



You can now access leaderboards for Team DeathMatch, Onslaught, Conquest, and Turbo TDM matches at all 3 levels.

- You can find them under Statistics Screen


Bug fixes

- Fixed an issue where removing your flagship from your fleet still used that ship as your flagship.  Flagship is now set to the first ship in your fleet when you remove the current flagship from your fleet.

Balance Changes

- Fighters and Interceptors have been updated


- Health is now 1500. 

- Max speed changed from 240m/s to 900m/s. 

- Damage Changed from 200 to 300 at T4 and 250 to 350 at T5.


- Health is now 2000. 

- Max speed changed from 1000 to 1200m/s at T4 and 1200 to 1300 at T5. 

- Damage Changed from 6000 at T5 to 5000. 

- Number of missiles changed from 3 to 4 at T4 and 3 to 5 at T5. 

- Number of Attack runs from 1 to 4 and 5 respectively. 

This still requires some testing so let us know how it's working and we can adjust accordingly.