The Shipyard Update is now available! Get ready for over 30 new ships, a completely redesigned progression system and a ton of other big changes!

To take a closer look at what’s new, check out the full 1.3.1 patch notes. Or to get a quick overview, read on below.

A New Progression System

  • You start out with 3 ships, one in each Manufacturer Tree.
  • You collect XP and Credits by playing matches with your ship.
  • XP is split up into two categories: Ship XP and Free XP.
  • XP is used to research items, while Credits are used to purchase them.
  • You advance through the Manufacturer Trees by researching and purchasing new weapons, modules, officer briefings and ships.

Ship Tiers

  • There are five ship tiers (I - V).
  • Ships of higher tiers are more potent and versatile than their lower-tier counterparts.
  • You start out in a tier-I ship. You can progress to higher-tier ships by researching and unlocking items on a lower-tier ship.

Manufacturer Trees

  • There are three Manufacturer Trees. Each one corresponds with one of the major ship manufacturers.
  • Each manufacturer has a distinct visual aesthetic that manifests itself in all of its ships.
  • All three Manufacturer Trees contain 17 ships of varying classes as well as a diversity of preconfigured Hero Ships.

Using XP to Research Items

  • Within each of the three Manufacturer Trees, each ship has its own Tech Tree.
  • Playing any game mode (excluding training matches) will grant you Ship XP and Free XP to use within a ship Tech Tree.
  • Ship XP can only be used on a specific ship to research (unlock) new items (weapons, modules, officer briefings—and even higher-tier ships).
  • Free XP can be used to research items on any ship.
  • Once a ship is fully researched, it receives Veteran Status—which means all Ship XP earned with that ship can be converted into Free XP.

Using Credits to Purchase Items

  • Once you research an item, you can purchase it with Credits.
  • You can earn Credits by playing and completing a match in any game mode (excluding training matches).
  • The Fleet System
  • Fleets are collections of up to five ships that you can create and take into battle.
  • There are three different Fleet Levels: Recruit, Veteran and Legendary.
  • Each Fleet Level can only accommodate ships from certain tiers. Here’s a brief overview:

11 DN_Progression2_FleetInfographicV2.png

  • Each fleet has a Fleet Rating (which represents its overall power) that is used to match players against one another in fair, balanced battles.

Fleet Maintenance

  • Generally, your fleets will need to go into maintenance after you lose a battle, or if you withdraw from a battle before it ends.
  • While your fleet is in maintenance, you cannot use it in battle (but you can continue to customize the ships within it).
  • If you have the same ship in two fleets at the same time (and one of those fleets is in maintenance), you can still use the ship in the fleet that is not in maintenance.
  • You must use Credits that you earn in battle to repair your fleets.
  • You can check the “skip maintenance” box to automatically spend Credits for maintenance after the end of each battle.

Your fleet will not go into maintenance if:

  • You win a match.
  • You play any match with a Recruit fleet.
  • You play a training match.
  • You are one of the top three players in a match.

Hero Ships

  • The Hero Ships many of you are already familiar with are now part of the Manufacturer Trees and have been placed in tier IV.
  • If you own a Hunter Pack, you will receive a tier-II version of the Morningstar.
  • If you own a Mercenary Pack, you will get the tier-II Morningstar as well as the tier-II Silesia.

Market Changes

  • Vanity items now correspond to a specific ship subclass.
  • For example, if you purchase a vanity item for a Nav (which is a medium Dreadnought), it can only be applied to that ship and other medium Dreadnoughts.
  • Prices for individual vanity items have been reduced to reflect this change.
  • Vanity items that fit multiple ship subclasses may be sold in bundles. This would allow you to buy items that fit multiple ships with a single purchase.