Halloween Update 2018

Beyond the docks of Sinley Bay, the solar system is full of ominous, shadowy places. Deserted outposts. Derelict, long-forgotten mines. Asteroid fields that old captains say are full of ghost ships drifting listlessly through the ice and rock.

Starting today, the denizens of Sinley Bay celebrate this "haunting of the reef" by bringing all things dark and macabre to the Market. Coat your fleet in a riot of ghastly colors, bolt laughing skulls to the front of your artillery, or even get your eye color altered so that you can channel the spirit of whatever lurks beyond the void of charted space. New to the Market are:

  • Extinction Artillery Cruiser Figurehead

  • Stargazer Captain Eyes

  • Wild Hunt Coating

  • Harvest Coating

  • Mischief Decal

  • Malevolence Decal

  • Wicked Omen Bundle

  • Witching Hour Bundle

These items and returning favorites will only be around for a limited time!

Malevolence Decal with Wild Hunt Coating

Malevolence Decal with Wild Hunt Coating


Extinction Artillery Cruiser Figurehead


Mischief Decal with Harvest Coating